The Moon Knight Finale's Post-Credits Scene Was A Game-Changer, And Fans Are Flipping Out

Mr. Knight in the desert in Moon Knight finale
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Major spoilers below for the season/series finale of Disney+’s Moon Knight, so be warned if you haven’t yet watched!

Though Moon Knight kept Marvel fans guessing wildly right up until the finale went live on Disney+, it somehow managed to wrap just about everything up accordingly and impressively. (And without even showing viewers exactly how Oscar Isaac’s titular protagonist actually took down Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow.) May Calamawy’s Layla gloriously went full Scarlet Scarab thanks to Taweret, and the winged hero was front and center for one of the series’ best action sequences. (Egyptian superhero recognition for the win!) After that and the one-of-a-kind battle of the gods between Ammit and Khonshu, Moon Knight had more surprises in store during its post-credits sequence. 

Or, on second thought, maybe Moon Knight’s final scene (possibly forever) wasn’t a surprise at all, since it featured the official arrival of a comic entity that fans have been clamoring for since the streaming series’ earliest days: Marc Spector’s Jake Lockley personality. Not to mention a long-awaited new look for Khonshu direct from the source material. Now let’s talk about each of those reveals alongside some fan reactions. 

Jake Lockley appearing in Moon Knight finale

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Welcome To The MCU, Jake Lockley

As it usually goes with MCU projects, a lot of the theories that fans had about Moon Knight were just wishful thinking, but when it comes to the widespread expectations for Jake Lockley’s arrival, there was definitely precedence within the episodes themselves. Namely through moments when Steven and Marc would “wake up” after some hyper-violent act had been committed, with neither personality taking credit for it. And after Marc refused to do Khonshu’s bidding by killing Harrow, it was clear there was only one man for the job. 

For those unfamiliar, Jake Lockley is the comic book identity that Marc utilizes when going about things on a street level. As a New York cab driver, Jake settles nicely into somewhat stereotypical “tough guy” territory, and as the TV show made clear, he’s not as in tune with his moral center as Marc and Steven are. Which is precisely why Khonshu knew he could count on Jake to go through with ending Harrow’s life, complete with a sweet-ass final line. To be expected, fans on Twitter celebrated Jake Lockley finally showing up in such a subtly brutal fashion. 

Jake DGAF about keeping a hospital’s wheelchairs in good condition. And he also doesn’t care about how much blood gets all over that limo’s seats and back windows. 

Given the lack of updates about Moon Knight’s future, it’s unclear if there could be another short-form season down the road, or if Marc Specter & Co. are meant to play a role in other projects during Phase 4 and beyond. But regardless of what happens, everyone can take comfort in knowing Jake Lockley is MCU canon now.

One fan celebrated the comic book fave’s live-action debut with a reference to another amusing series about New Yorkers who want to catch bad guys.

And while we’re already talking about TV comedies, this comparison to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Frank is 100% apt, and I now regret that writer Jeremy Slater didn’t come up with a convincing way to have former Penguin portrayer Danny DeVito playing Jake Lockley himself. 

Of course, for all the celebrating there is to do regarding Jake’s arrival, his presence within this universe isn’t necessarily good news for Marc and/or Steven, who only just regained a semblance of mental self-embracing peace. Once they find out there’s a wild card inside, that’s only going to make things more complicated.

Even while celebrating, some fans were rowdy about Moon Knight waiting until the last possible second to introduce a character that they’d have watched an entire season about. 

If everybody on Twitter post-Moon Knight finale was an Emmy voter, I’m pretty sure they’d change the rules so that Oscar Isaac would be eligible to serve as all of the nominees for Best Actor. But if there was a Best Dressed category? Well, that one might go to Khonshu himself.

Khonshu in comic book suit in Moon Knight finale

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Fans were certainly more excited to see Jake Lockley and Scarley Scarab than anything else in the episode, but the god Khonshu did get some props on Twitter for rocking a comic book look that he hadn’t yet brought to the streaming series. Moon Knight isn’t the only one who knows how to rock dapper-looking suits and costumes on this show.

And then there’s this extremely timely joke that will potentially still be amusing to people who stumble upon the tweet six months from now.

Moon Knight may be over, but all six episodes are available to stream ad nauseum for anyone with a Disney+ subscription. But the MCU isn’t done changing the world yet this week, as the already well-received Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will finally arrive in theaters on Friday, May 6. 

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