WandaVision Artist Reveals Badass Scarlet Witch Costume Design That Wasn't Used In The Marvel Series

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It’s been over a year since Marvel and Disney+’s first series together, WandaVision, made its debut and portrayed Wanda finally coming into her own as the Scarlet Witch. When Wanda finally emerged in full Scarlet Witch mode in the series finale, fans witnessed Elizabeth Olsen donning a full character-specific costume, and it was awesome. That said, WandaVision character designer Andy Park is now revealing a design for the iconic costume that didn’t make the cut, and it's pretty awesome as well. 

In celebration of the anniversary of WandaVision’s multiverse-spawning finale, artist Andy Park shared how grateful he was to have been part of the show on Instagram. And his gratitude came complete with an earlier version of Wanda’s Scarlet Witch costume that was mocked up during preproduction. While it didn’t end up being the final product, it looks like the design may have come close, since it's the one he chose to unveil to fans.

It’s always fascinating to see alternate versions of costume designs after knowing what the final one was, especially when it comes to comic book superheroes. While Wanda’s Scarlet Witch outfit was already pretty incredible, it makes me wonder just what she would have looked like flying around in this other version. With the multiverse definitely a thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, perhaps there IS a Wanda Maximoff out there with this costume? Or perhaps we can still get it in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

When the finale premiered on Disney+, it didn’t fare too well with some fans who didn’t agree with Wanda’s more immoral actions. Elizabeth Olsen spoke out about the criticism not long after the episode dropped, saying that Wanda was taking responsibility and feeling “a tremendous amount of guilt” for what she'd done to those within Westview and beyond. We’ll see the aftermath of the series' events in the Doctor Strange sequel, which is said to be almost like a horror movie with Evil Dead helmer Sam Raimi behind the camera. And Scarlet Witch will come out to play once again in her now-familiar costume, but will it be the only one?

It's not surprising to see that other versions of Scarlet Witch’s live-action costume were an A+, considering the entire costume department had every outfit fit for perfection throughout the season. To prove it even more, WandaVision even won the Emmy for Outstanding Fantasy and Sci-Fi Costumes last year. Whether those insane and incredible costume designs will continue on the Agatha Harkness spinoff has yet to be seen, but fingers crossed we'll see those while hearing more earworm bops like "Agatha All Along."

Meanwhile, Andy Park isn’t the only one celebrating a year of WandaVision. Tyonah Parris, who portrayed Monica Rambeau on the Disney+ series and will reprise that role in the upcoming film The Marvels, took to Twitter in honor of WandaVision’s one-year anniversary in January. She shared a video of being in full costume and makeup as Monica for the first time and it seems like a magical moment. The ride only went on from there, and seeing Monica return in The Marvels will be something to look forward to in 2023.

If you want to relive all of WandaVision’s costume designs, make sure to stream all episodes on Disney+! Be sure to check out what Phase Four projects in the MCU to look forward to soon!

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