Sharon Stone Won't Be In DC's Blue Beetle Movie, But Her Replacement Has Already Been Found

Susan Sarandon in FX series Feud
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Welp, folks, there’s been a shakeup in the Blue Beetle cast. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Sharon Stone was being lined up to play the upcoming DC movie’s main villain, Victoria Kord. Evidently thing didn’t end up working out with the Basic Instinct actress though, as she’s no longer attached to Blue Beetle. Not to worry though, as another actress has already been tapped for the Victoria Kord role.

That honor goes to Susan Sarandon, per an update from The Wrap. As mentioned when Sharon Stone was initially attached to play Victoria Kord, this is a new character created specifically for the Blue Beetle movie. That said, she shares the same last name as Ted Kord, who held the Blue Beetle mantle in the comics for decades before Jaime Reyes hit the scene. Cobra Kai star Xolo Maridueña is bringing Jaime to life in Blue Beetle, and we got our first look at the young hero in his armored-up form at the last DC FanDome.

Unlike Sharon Stone, who previously starred in 2004’s Catwoman, Blue Beetle will mark Susan Sarandon’s first time working in the superhero movie space. That said, Sarandon does have some experience acting in fantastical stories, such as Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas. Along with winning the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Dead Man Walking, Sarandon’s other prominent credits include The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bull Durham, Thelma & Louise and Enchanted. She also scored an Emmy nomination in 2017 for her turn as Bette Davis in the FX series Feud: Betty and Joan.

Back when Sharon Stone was in talks for Blue Beetle, it was reported that Victoria Kord is supposedly Ted Kord’s wife, resulting in two questions being posed. First, does Victoria’s presence mean that we’ll see Ted in Blue Beetle? Second, assuming Ted is in the movie, is he involved with Victoria’s nefarious scheme, or is he against whatever she’s plotting. Given Ted’s years of heroism within the DC Comics pages, it’s difficult to imagine the creative minds shining an antagonistic light on Ted, but anything is possible, I suppose.

While we’re still in the dark on specific Blue Beetle plot details, casting for the movie has been a relatively open book. Susan Sarandon’s Victoria Kord will be joined in the baddie corner by Mayans M.C. star Raoul Max Trujillo, who’s reportedly playing Carapax the Indestructible Man, and Bruna Marquezine will play Penny, Jaime Reyes’ love interest. We’ll also meet many members of Jaime’s family, including Belissa Escobedo as his sister Milagro, George Lopez as Uncle Rudy, Adriana Barraza as Nana, Elpidia Carrillo as Rocio and Damián Alcázar as Alberto. So far the only announced actor whose role hasn’t been revealed yet is What We Do in the Shadows’ Harvey Guillén.

Originally intended to join Batgirl as an HBO Max exclusive offering, Blue Beetle is now poised to hit theaters on August 18, 2023. Keep visiting CinemaBlend to learn more updates on its progress.

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