Zendaya Reveals Sweet Way Tom Holland Keeps Marvel Magic Alive When Kids Ask Him To Shoot Spider-Man Webs

Tom Holland has garnered rave reviews for his interpretation of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The former star of stage hit Billy Elliot has become a worldwide superstar, but that fame seemingly hasn’t gone to his head. According to his Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star and girlfriend Zendaya, Tom Holland does everything he can to keep the Marvel magic alive for his youngest fans. 

Tom Holland and Zendaya caught up with LADbible TV in the former’s home city of London to play a round of ‘Agree to Disagree.’ The Marvel stars playfully debated a number of topics, including the alleged tastiness of jaffa cakes and the confusingly titled ‘American football.’ When it came to the best Spider-Man of all time, both Zendaya and Tom Holland stayed mum. However, Zendaya was quick to point out the positive qualities that Tom Holland brings to the role, including his willingness to interact with small children. She said: 

There’s a lot of great things, I think, that make you Spider-Man. One of them is that you actually love being Spider-Man. Like, and you embrace it so much. I think anyone who's ever seen him, you know, deal with kids, especially when he’s in the whole get-up, you know, the suit, it’s really special to watch. He does the accent and does the web thing - cause it was like, 'Can you shoot a web?' and he was like, I’ve used all my web cartridges getting here. It's really, really sweet.

Much like children adore the costumed princesses at Disney World, many kids also love their superheroes. To see Tom Holland in real life is the equivalent of meeting Spider-Man, no questions asked. It’s clear that Tom Holland takes his duties as the famous webslinger quite seriously, whether on or off camera. In addition to his compassion, Zendaya noted with mock irritation that Tom Holland has a wide range of talents. She explained:  

I would also say that you have the annoying capability of doing everything really well. I don’t know if anyone ever saw Lip Sync Battle, I’m still feeling the effects of that… when you’re watching him flip and then land and then fight and then do all these things, you know, you’re great at it and you do it with such ease.

The Lip Sync Battle episode in question featured Tom Holland dancing to a medley of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Umbrella’ by Rhianna. A pleather corset, real rain, and razor-sharp pirouettes were just a few highlights of the short but memorable dance number. Whether he’s charming Spider-Man’s cutest fans or killing a choreographed routine, it’s clear that Tom Holland was meant to be a star -- though it's worth noting Zendaya never listed "handsome" as one of the actor's (and her rumored beau's) qualities, even though he hints at it in the interview. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters everywhere and absolutely dominating at the box office. You can check out CinemaBlend’s list of more upcoming Marvel releases here

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