Stephen Amell Reveals The Change He'd Want To See If Green Arrow Movie Happens

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Warning! SPOILERS ahead for The Flash Season 9's ninth episode, “It’s My Party And I’ll Die If I Want To.” Read with caution!

It was a long time coming, but Stephen Amell finally returned to his vigilante roots and reprised his role as Oliver Queen in the latest episode of The Flash. Still The Spectre, Oliver helped Barry defeat Ramsey Rosso (who was threatening the multiverse) before he turned the world into controlled zombies. It was an emotional reunion between Oliver and Grant Gustin's Barry Allen, to say the least, but if the hero were to return again, what would a movie focused on him look like?

In an interview with TV Line, Amell, who portrayed Oliver for eight seasons on the Arrowverse flagship series Arrow, opened up about whether or not he’ll play the character again. In regards to the recent episode of The Flash, Amell was asked if this was his last time suiting up, and while he gave a short answer, it gives fans just enough hope:

I don’t think so.

While it sounds like Stephen Amell isn’t opposed to suiting up again in the future, don’t count on Arrow being revived. The actor mentions that the series had a good run on The CW, but 20+ episodes per season is a lot to handle (probably more so with a family), and it likely won’t happen like that again, though the final season of Arrow only had 10 episodes. However, there are other ways for him to reprise the role. 

It's possible that Arrow could still come back in some way if not another season. Amell did express interest in a limited series-type return or through a movie, especially if it means more freedom or time for the stunts and action sequence, as he said about the final fight sequences on Arrow:

We had scenes in our series finale where I must have killed, like, 100 people, but we were never allowed to show any blood. A lot of this hand-to-hand stuff can pack so much more of a punch if we have a little more freedom in terms of what we can show.

It’s clear that Oliver Queen is still close to Stephen Amell, maybe more now than ever due to his return on The Flash. Even though it’s unlikely the show itself will come back, especially with The CW going through so many chances, there’s always the hope of a revival movie, whether it be on streaming or network TV. Shows like Arrow are definitely limited in terms of what they can and can’t include when it comes to scenes like action sequences, and it sounds like Amell has it all worked out in his head on how the series could return if given the chance. 

As of now, it doesn’t seem like an Arrow movie or limited series will happen, but it has only been a few years since Arrow ended Olivee Queen's main story, so nothing is out of the question. At the very least, depending on whether Superman & Lois continues next season, possibly while still part of the 2023 TV schedule, even if it’s not technically part of the Arrowverse, maybe Oliver Queen take can a trip down to Smallville. Anything can happen.

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