How Arrow’s Stephen Amell Is Permanently Paying Tribute To His Oliver Queen

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen on Arrow

Stephen Amell is currently portraying a wrestler on the new Starz series, Heels, but he will always be known to many fans as Oliver Queen first. For years, the actor played the green-clad DC vigilante on Arrow, before he hung up his bow and arrow in early 2020 and finally closed a chapter in his life. However, Amell just got a permanent tribute to his CW superhero character, and it's perfect.

The Arrow alum took to Twitter this weekend to reveal some ink he just just received. Stephen Amell's new tattoo is the Green Arrow symbol, which he seemed more than proud of in his photo. He also included a sweet caption that encapsulates what the role has meant to him all these years. You can check out the sentimental post for yourself down below:

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Arrow ran for eight seasons on The CW and spawned the Arrowverse, which has since expanded to include shows like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. It makes sense that Stephen Amell would want to move forward over a year and a half after the series came to an end but, at the same time, it's hard to completely leave behind such a massive period in one's life. Ahead of the show's series finale last year, Amell shared a bittersweet message with fans, telling them how much the journey has meant to him. So, needless to say, the actor still has plenty of affection for his beloved show.

Oliver sacrificed himself to save the universe during “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” but would it be possible for Stephen Amell to return to the Arrowverse? It’s honestly unlikely, especially since Amell is more than ready to move on from the vigilante life. Not to mention Oliver's death seemed pretty absolute. Still, his passing was a beautiful way to close out his character's arc (even if Amell himself didn't think so), so it may be best that he doesn't return.

A year after Arrow’s finale, Stephen Amell also honored the death of his character and his subsequent funeral by posting a picture of much of the cast looking inappropriately happy at Oliver Queen’s grave. It was both hilarious and sweet as well as a solid testament to the love the cast had, and presumably continues to have, for one another. Amell's Arrow family is probably one of the aspects of the show that he misses the most, though he seems to be building great rapport with his Heels co-stars as well.

While Oliver Queen is dead, the memory of Stephen Amell's hooded vigilante is not. Characters from Arrow are currently showing up in other Arrowverse series, most notably David Ramsey’s John Diggle, so the show's legacy will certainly live on in some way, shape or form.

And of course, fans can also stream all eight seasons of Arrow on Netflix.

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