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Stephen Amell Shares Funny Vacation Story Proving His Green Arrow Skills Have Left The Building

It’s been two years since fans of flagship Arrowverse series Arrow said their heartfelt goodbyes to the vigilante. Star Stephen Amell has since broken away from Oliver Queen to star in a new series, and now he has shared a funny vacation story to prove that he is definitely not the Green Arrow anymore.  

While on vacation, Stephen Amell proved to himself and to Arrow fans that he doesn't quite have the skills of the Star City vigilante. He took to Twitter to update his followers on some recent adventures that did not end so well, and compared it to how his character, Oliver Queen, managed to spend five years on an island, become a hero, save the multiverse, and live life before getting to enjoy the afterlife: 

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Stephen Amell proved back in his Arrow days that he had some definite Oliver Queen skills in real life, even if he wasn't a masked vigilante with a bow and arrows. However, he didn't have quite the same experiences as the Green Arrow, and it makes sense that some of his superhero abilities have faded over the past couple of years. It’s pretty hilarious to know that while his beloved character can save an entire multiverse and and survive impossible situations on an island in the North China Sea, Amell ran into some problems while trying to recover his watch.

Even though Amell has moved on from Arrow, as he now stars in the Starz wrestling show Heels, Oliver Queen is still with him. Last year he posted a shirtless photo to show fans that he was back in his prime Green Arrow bod. Still, playing a wrestler means that he doesn't necessarily have to keep superhero fit, so his skills are more those of a human being who doesn't have to save his city, friends, family, and/or the multiverse on a regular basis. 

It’s nice knowing that Oliver Queen will always be in Stephen Amell’s heart, though I bet he wishes he still had some of Oliver’s survival skills. While he didn’t have the best of luck on vacation, at least it will be one he will always remember. Oliver may have been able to survive on Lian Yu, I don’t think Amell would be able to, considering his recent adventure.

Fingers crossed that the Green Arrow abilities come back to Stephen Amell for his next vacation if he runs into another mishap. Or even another role. It’s definitely hilarious to see the contrast between the real-life Amell and what his character could do, as well as that Amell has a sense of humor about it to share on social media. If the actor gets his superhero mojo back someday, maybe he should stray from cliff jumping, or at least jump without any valuables on him?

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