Supergirl Series Finale: 3 Best Things About Cat Grant's Return

cat grant returning in supergirl finale
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Spoilers ahead for the two-hour series finale of Supergirl. Read at your own risk!

The series finale of Supergirl has come and gone, completing a journey six years in the making with an emotional two-episode conclusion that capped off the story of Melissa Benoist's Kara and her super-friends. The final hour even included some surprise returns, such as the much-welcomed appearances from Cat Grant, Kara’s former CatCo boss who had sold the company to Andrea. And it was as incredible as one could have hoped for.

Supergirl delivered plenty of big surprises with Cat’s return, too, even if it was mostly via phone call. Once again played with precision by Calista Flockhart, Cat Grant gifted some wise advice to Kara, who was still struggling with what to do as she was balancing being Kara Danvers and Supergirl. And these are just some of the reasons why Cat’s return for Supergirl's series finale was the best!

The Fun Supergirl Callbacks

It wouldn’t be a series finale without plenty of callbacks. And you can’t get more nostalgic than Cat Grant, who called Kara completely out of the blue, and caught her by surprise. The CatCo founder was on a tropical island, though not in any sort of relaxed state, and because she's Cat Grant, she avoided getting straight to the point, focusing first on listing off things that are getting in her way, and going on about her vacation.  And another thing that definitely made fans happy was the reveal that she is still calling Kara “Kira.” Hearing her say Kara’s name wrong just brought me right back to Season 1.

Cat’s Big Offer To Kara

The whole reason for Cat's phone call wasn’t to simply catch Kara up on every little detail in her life, but rather to reveal that she has bought back CatCo from Andrea. Not only that, but Cat basically hired Kara on the spot as the company's new Editor-in-Chief. It’s Kara’s dream job! Although she originally did quit because she couldn’t balance being Supergirl and a CatCo journalist in that capacity, the new job offer could be exactly what she needed as a way to take on both duties with greater ease. Kara was still a little skeptical, since she wasn't fully sure how she could still empower people as Supergirl if she’s working at CatCo. Thankfully, that was figured out via our next point...

Cat Encouraging Kara To Come Out As Supergirl

It was inevitable that Supergirl would likely end with Kara revealing to the world that she, CatCo journalist, has been the Girl of Steel this whole time. The driving force who convinced Kara was surprising in a way, but at the same time, wasn’t, since Supergirl revealed that Cat Grant knew of Kara’s superhero identity a few seasons ago. Cat was always one to push Kara to be her best because she knew what the younger woman was capable of, even if Kara herself wasn't sure what she wanted to do, thus her hesitation in signing the contracts.

During their later chat, Kara received the advice that only Cat Grant could give her, and once she admitted to knowing Kara's Supergirl existence, that advice expanded. While Kara had this empowering speech for citizens to be at their best by fully coming into their own and embracing their true selves, that clearly hasn't been Kara's M.O. during her time in National City. So three cheers for Cat, who encouraged her quasi-protégé to show the world the real Kara. And so she did, taking off her glasses one last time and sitting down for a presumably bombshell of an interview with Cat as both Kara and Supergirl.

Seeing Cat Grant one more time before Supergirl came to an end was such a nice surprise, especially after everything that happened. And to have her be the one to really push Kara towards exciting new adventures is something that fans will be holding on to for a long time. They were plenty happy when she showed up on screen and this tweet says it all:

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Supergirl is now the third Arrowverse series to come to an end, and it was as an emotional a finale as this superhero universe is used to. While the series is done, you can still catch Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers/Sentinel in the five-part “Armageddon” event on The Flash starting November 16 on The CW!

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