What Henry Cavill's Superman News Probably Means For The James Bond Franchise

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Friends and readers, the worst kept secret in the world of upcoming DC movies is finally out of the Watchtower. Henry Cavill’s cameo in the new movie release Black Adam is now, officially, public knowledge, despite some high profile leaks spilling the beans. It’s led to some good news for fans of Cavill’s Superman, but it looks like there are some side effects that will come with this joyous announcement. 

More specifically, this news could mean big things for the actor’s campaign to become the next James Bond. As you might expect, the effect might not be the one most of his fans are hoping for. Let’s run through the news and dig into why this could be a huge deal for all things 00-Cavill.

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The Latest News On Henry Cavill’s Superman

As you might have suspected, Henry Cavill is returning to the DCEU as Superman. That appearance in Black Adam looks like it was only the beginning, as the actor flat out said he’s “officially back” as the DC Comics character he first played in 2013’s Man of Steel. While we don’t know the extent of his return or when we’ll see him in the cape next, it sounds like Cavill is re-committed to Superman. 

It's good news in the sense that those who missed seeing Cavill in the DC Comics red and blue will finally get more of his Clark Kent and Superman. However, as history has shown, this sort of notoriety comes at a cost. Frankly, it sounds like it’s the end of any hopes of seeing him in the 007 tuxedo, and for several potential reasons.

Henry Cavill looking exasperated in his study in Enola Holmes 2.

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Henry Cavill's DCEU Return Crowds An Already Busy Schedule

Henry Cavill hasn’t exactly been waiting by the phone for a second chance at auditioning for James Bond. The former Casino Royale hopeful has had a rather full dance card as of late, especially with projects like Enola Holmes 2, Apple TV+’s Bond competitor Argylle and even Cavill's lead role in the Highlander reboot looking to muddy the waters for the potential Bond gig. Hopes were still pretty high for Henry Cavill’s James Bond, as seen in the consistently superior performance the man has seen in the betting odds.

Playing a Bond-style spy and Sherlock Holmes was enough to complicate Cavill’s schedule, but one could have still hoped for some breathing room. Getting back into the groove as Superman feels like the last straw when it comes to leaving this man any ability to commit to a long term, full time gig. Although that seems like the least of the issues that crop up with Henry Cavill’s potential casting.

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Barbara Broccoli And Michael G. Wilson Are Looking For A Long-Term James Bond

While casting the next James Bond hasn’t happened yet, series producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have already been making some things readily apparent about the future of the character. As the next 007 is primed to be a thirty-something-aged actor, that’s only part of the long term plans EON Productions has for the Bond series. The producers are looking to get the long term future of James Bond back on track, as seen with their new distribution deal with Warner Bros

Having someone locked in for an extended run is crucial, and Henry Cavill’s busy schedule will play havoc with that. It certainly did when Daniel Craig had his cake and ate it too, maintaining a healthy resume outside of his Bond films. If a play is being made to return 007 to the glory days of delivering movies on a regular schedule, Henry Cavill’s cape is going to definitely get in the way.

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Continuing To Play In The DCEU Boosts Henry Cavill’s Exposure In Another Role

Thinking back to that time Pierce Brosnan nearly starred in The Living Daylights, another pitfall presents itself in Henry Cavill’s candidacy. Having an actor star in two franchises of a highly recognized nature could get a bit muddy when trying to sell either brand. Do you sell Cavill as Superman first, or James Bond? It’s a question with two very different answers, and parties that are just as eager to claim dominance. 

It’s the sort of thing that saw Brosnan lose his first 007 casting, as Albert R. Broccoli didn’t want the Remington Steele brand to compete with James Bond. Fans have identified Henry Cavill as Superman for so long, even without new projects in the hopper, that it’d be hard for him to establish ground as Commander Bond.

Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in Apple TV+ movie Argylle

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Argylle’s Potential Trilogy Already Complicated Henry Cavill’s 007 Odds

Perhaps the killshot was delivered much earlier than we thought, as Matthew Vaughn himself said it best: when he cast Henry Cavill as the lead of Argylle, he wanted to land a Bond actor before the actual franchise got him. This project alone cast serious doubt on 00-Cavill, but now with Black Adam’s reintroduction of Superman, it feels like we’re pretty much at the end of the line.

As mentioned above, this man is a consulting detective, amnesiac super spy and now the once and future last son of Krypton. Plus, Henry Cavill has to fit The Witcher somewhere in that myriad of recurring roles. I hate to say it, as I’ve been championing the man for the role ever since The Man From U.N.C.L.E. basically played as his audition reel, but I think Mr. Cavill is all but officially out as James Bond. 

I could be totally wrong though, and some sort of combination of scheduling, good will, and Kryptonian magic could allow Henry Cavill to become the 007th actor to play Ian Fleming’s landmark creation. It’s certainly not something I’d turn away from, as it’d be another wonderful example of an actor slipping into the tuxedo the second time around. Not to mention, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. really sold me on a Cavill Bond, but that’s neither here nor there.

At the moment, it feels like we should be gearing up for more of Henry Cavill’s Superman, rather than dreaming of him walking the gun barrel. To that point, you can catch the DC Extended Universe collection of movies on streaming, provided you have a HBO Max subscription. That is, of course, after you’ve seen Black Adam, which is currently running in theaters. 

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