The Rock Attended Test Screenings For Black Adam, See People Freak Out

We’ve seen Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson show off those pecs, muscles, and superhero strength from his days in the WWE and movies like The Scorpion King, Jungle Cruise, Hercules, the Jumanji movies. As “he Rock has found his place in action-adventure, comedy, and animation films, why not add the DC Universe to his list? Just when test audiences are psyched to attend the early screenings of Dwayne Johnson’s new DCEU movie Black Adam, its lead actor makes a surprise appearance, and audiences can’t help but freak out.

Disguising himself with a cloth face mask and a cap, Dwayne Johnson was able to watch the entire movie of his “passion project” without being noticed in the dark theater. But once the lights came on, the Black Adam actor himself freaked out audiences the minute he revealed himself. You can watch the Instagram video of this unexpected cameo below: 

So apparently, Johnson admitted in his Instagram caption that he “always secretly” participated in the screenings of his movies. Just goes to show that before the movie comes on, audiences should play the game “Spot the Actor.” But, he just couldn’t help himself wanting to receive feedback from his “#1 boss- the audience.” As soon as The Rock revealed himself in full form, audiences cheered, screamed, and even cried. He got a lot of positive feedback from the audience for his performance and the crowd-pleasing ending. You see in his video how happy the accomplished actor/producer looked as he interacted with his adoring fans.

This former professional wrestler clearly has a lot of pride in playing the future archenemy of Shazam. After all, in his speech he gave once filming wrapped up, Johnson made sure not only to thank the movie’s cast and crew but to express how special this project was for him and couldn’t wait for the whole world to see it. He’s even got his own action figures! It makes sense why he fought for Black Adam to have its own separate movie in order to give his character his own light to shine. This gives audiences the chance to get to know this antihero before he squares off against Shazam. Make it all the more reason why it’s so easy for him to talk smack about other DCEU villains as he has faith in his character’s powerful badass strength and personality that he got from the same wizard as Shazam. It’s no wonder that test audiences loved Black Adam as the California native’s passion for the project must have come out in his acting and being the unstoppable force this movie needed.

With all of the fun and hard work Dwayne Johnson put into Black Adam, does that mean this actor will have a long reign in the DCEU? The Jumanji star hopes to not only continue playing Black Adam but to expand the Black Adam universe. Does this mean Johnson’s powerful forces will create his own universe called the Black Adam Extended Universe (BAEU)? With this character having ties to other major heroes in DC Comics history, it looks like a possibility.

“D.J.” made sure to close off his Instagram video caption by letting fans know that we can expect the global launch of the second trailer of Black Adam sometime this week. “The Rock” has proved on numerous occasions how important it is to be there for the fans. The least we can do is meet him halfway and give his “passion project” a chance as the upcoming DC movie comes to theaters on October 21st.

Carly Levy
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