Black Adam’s Dwayne Johnson Can’t Stop Talking Smack About Other DC Heroes, Drops F-Bomb Over Suicide Squad

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been waiting quite some time for the world to see the glory of Black Adam, and he does not shy away from boasting about how powerful the morally gray hero is. Ahead of the highly anticipated 2022 new release film Black Adam, Johnson doesn’t hold back in talking smack about other DC heroes, and even drops an f-bomb over David Ayers’ Suicide Squad

From what we know about Black Adam and Dwayne Johnson’s character, an f-bomb drop isn’t entirely out of character - I mean, the antihero’s "catchphrase" even contains one! While revealing some big plans for Black Adam at San Diego’s Comic-Con, Johnson claimed his DC hero is the “most electrifying” in the DCEU, and The Joker had something to say about that.

In response to Dwayne Johnson’s initial tweet about Black Adam lording over all other DC characters, a Twitter account that petitions the release of David Ayer’s surprisingly easy to make cut of Suicide Squad and that is claiming to be run by the films own Mr. J (a.k.a. The Joker) stepped in to point out that The Joker is pretty electrifying himself. Johnson, who basically has the best smack talk around thanks to his wrestling days, responded with a simple yet effective retort. Check out the Twitter interaction in the post below:

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That one has to sting. Black Adam, and in turn Dwayne Johnson, just *doesn’t care* what The Joker (or probably pretty much any other DC character) has going on, because he is so powerful that it just doesn’t matter.

Honestly, Dwayne Johnson has a solid point here. The Joker is used to going up against Batman. Don’t get me wrong, Batman is great, but he is just a rich guy with some gadgets and a whole lot of brooding. Black Adam, on the other hand, is a super old, incredibly powerful badass empowered by a wizard who could do a lot more than scramble the brains of a mortal like The Joker. 

Fans seem to agree, because they are commenting on the post, saying The Rock completely "ratioed" the Ayer Cut fan page. It would seem that in this case, pretty much everyone agrees that Black Adam wouldn’t give two thoughts to someone like The Joker. 

While Dwayne Johnson has shown how far his power can really go on Twitter, we have yet to really see the extent of what he can do. Black Adam releases to theaters on October 21st, and I can’t wait to see the antihero in full action. 

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