Dwayne Johnson Shares Black Adam Video, Including His Reaction To Seeing His Own Superhero Action Figures

Dwayne Johnson wearing hood as Black Adam
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Black Adam has been a long time coming for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and, after finally wrapping on the film and dropping his humorous catchphrase for fans, he's shared one of the perks of becoming a DC antihero. In a recent promo video, Johnson reacted to seeing his own action figure, and his response to the diminutive recreation of himself is nothing short of funny and precious.

Through an Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson shared a compilation video that showed him and his Black Adam team talking to the press ahead of the movie's recent trailer drop. The video features some pretty promising and optimistic takes on the 2022 film release from members of the media. But it's the superstar's reaction to see his superhero action figure that really takes the cake. You can take a look at the video in the post below, along with Johnson’s lengthy and grateful caption:

I think it's fair to say that in that moment, The Rock is essentially all of us. There are few people I can imagine that wouldn't be phased by the fact that they've been immortalized in such a way. And in the Red Notice alum's case, it has to be extra special, considering how long he's been trying to get this movie made.

I’m so used to seeing wholesome-AF content coming from Dwayne Johnson, from his charitable decision to gift his own truck to a veteran to him being basically the best son ever and buying his mother multiple homes. And this moment is certainly sweet as well, and the joke he makes regarding the figure only makes the moment better.

The star comments on the action figure being “anatomically correct” and there not being “enough plastic in the world” for him. While it would be pretty arrogant for practically anyone else, The Rock certainly can back up his words. While most heroes need padded suits, he's so ripped that his super suit had all the padding removed. That's a serious superhero flex if I've ever seen one. 

During the press event, Dwayne Johnson also explained that he's hopeful that Black Adam is just the beginning of a long DC journey for his character. And if the movie is successful, it certainly could happen, as Johnson says he is 100% committed to expanding the character's corner within the DC Extended Universe. Based on how awesome the trailer looks, fans are surely eager to see more of Teth-Adam. And with that, some could be eager to get their hands on one of those action figures.

Black Adam heads to theaters on October 21 after multiple delays, which means Dwayne Johnson will be doing plenty of press. Here's hoping that he does some toy unboxings and we get more of these A+ reactions from him.

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