1. Lady Shiva
1. Lady Shiva
Like Cheshire, Lady Shiva is another famous DC assassin, only this killer doesn't use any weapons to carry out her assignments. She is considered by some to be the best martial artist on the planet, including by Batman, who trained under her after Bane broke his back. That's right, Gotham City's Dark Knight learned fighting skills from this woman! If that doesn't prove how talented she is, nothing will. She has also been an occasional ally to the Bat-Family, though these alliances rarely lasted long. Make no mistake, this woman's combat skills and ability to read people's body language make her one of the of the most dangerous non-superpowered individuals in DC history.

Although she has some ties to the League of Assassins in the comics, Arrow's Shiva should have no connections to the group. I'd like to see Arrow emphasize the reputation she was able to grow on her own rather than just as one of Ra's al Ghuls' horde. Although she would primarily be a villain, she could also serve as a grudging ally to Team Arrow at some point in the series. However, like her alliances with the Batman characters, the status quo would eventually be restored and Oliver would have to go back fighting her…and probably getting his ass handed to him.

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