It never really strikes the staff at CinemaBlend how much great TV is produced every year until we start looking back at the shows that recently hit the schedule. This year, a ton of brand new comedies and dramas were produced that both found avid fanbases and earned critical acclaim. Narrowing them down to the 10 best is damn near impossible, but we’ve endeavored to do so anyway. If some of your favorites didn’t make this list, we also put together a bunch of nods to other good shows near the end, because we know it’s hard to recommend when tastes are so varied. Without further ado, here are the best TV shows that premiered in 2015. The only criteria is that a show’s first season had to air this year. So, if it hit the schedule in the fall of 2014 it’s out. If it hit the schedule in the winter of 2015, it could be in. Here are our picks:

Last man on earth
10. The Last Man On Earth
Fox’s comedy The Last Man on Earth kicked off on a high note when it hit the schedule last winter. While the series struggled to match the heights of its pilot throughout its first season, the comedy has really come into its own this fall. If you haven’t given it a watch or gave up during the early part of 2015, now’s a great time to head back.

Original Premiere Date: March 1, 2015

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