Red Dwarf Cast Back In The Saddle For This First Shot From The Tenth Series

When the boys from the Dwarf reunited for 2009's Back to Earth special, it looked for sure to be their swansong. After all, BtE was the first new Red Dwarf material in a decade, and it smashed the fourth wall with a sledgehammer, allowing Lister, Rimmer, Kryten, and The Cat to discover their own fictitious nature and confront their creator. Existential crises be damned; Red Dwarf is back this fall, premiering six new episodes on the British digital channel Dave. In related news, there is a British channel called Dave.

While Dwarf fans still have several months to wait (and likely even longer before it shows up here in the States), the Dwarf team has released a first picture from the upcoming tenth series, showing the four principals staring at something offscreen with their usual mix of dismay, horror, and vague stomach upset. Here's a look, courtesy of GFR:

Actor Robert Llewellyn, who plays the android Kryten, joked about the cast's middle age via Twitter: " Okay, steady with all the 'Kryten looks old' comments. The poor fella's been tapping away with a smeg hammer for 3 million + years."

Not to be outdone, Craig Charles, who plays lovable slob Dave Lister, suggested that " Kryten’s going to be a much wider robot and Cat wears a wig so you can’t see his grey hair. And Rimmer -- he’ll need a touch up."