As we come to the end of the traditional TV season – which has been rendered all but moot by midseasons, cable schedules and streaming sites – there are still quite a few first-year shows out there awaiting word on whether or not they have a future. Thankfully, a lot of them are pretty great, as most of the straight-up duds have been put to pasture.

Here are ten freshman series that definitely deserve to make it to Season 2 and beyond, assuming network execs are paying attention to what viewers want. Let’s kick it off with that most bubblicious of on-the-bubble shows. (No spoilers here, so it’s safe for everyone.)

Constantine (NBC)
A show plagued by low ratings, harsh critics, and constant(ine) cancellation rumors, NBC’s Constantine nonetheless has amassed as large a cult fanbase as any network series could hope for, with petitions and social media efforts dedicated to saving it. Today is actually the day showrunner Daniel Cerone and his creative team are presenting their Season 2 case to NBC bigwigs, and we’re absolutely hoping they can excise all the negativity out of the room in order to ensure the demons stay on the air. Maybe a shift away from Friday night would help things.

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