What Agent Carter May Look Like If It Gets A Second Season

While Agent Carter was well-liked during its run on ABC this winter, the show was middling in the ratings. ABC hasn’t yet determined whether its limited series will return for a second season. Regardless, Agent Carter executive producer Tara Butters is optimistic about a second season, and she recently revealed a bunch of details about what she would like the Marvel drama to look like if it does return to the schedule next TV season.

Butters was recently a part of the Long Beach Comics Expo, where she revealed that she and fellow executive producer and co-showrunner Michelle Fazekas have already started discussing a few more specific ideas relating to Agent Carter’s second season--that is, should the series get another. First, she spoke out about the potential for more Agent Carter episodes to be created, noting that she would eventually love to see the show progress to 13 episodes. (However, she is alright with an 8-episode format, since the show does have a slew of visual effects to contend with.)

While we’ve seen an aged version of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, according to Comic Book.com, Butters doesn’t think the series will be heading into different decades anytime soon. That’s good, because part of the charm of Agent Carter is that it is set in the postwar era, and Carter herself is adjusting to her new life after the men return home following the war. I guess it would be kind-of cool to see the same kind of digital aging magic used on lead Hayley Atwell that we saw in theaters, but there are no plans right now to hop around in Peggy Carter’s timeline. Instead, Butters would like to shoot in different places and maybe even set the series in “Hollywood or Europe” if Season 2 happens.

Right now these thoughts are just hopeful wishes, but as we approach the end of the TV season, ABC will be finalizing decisions regarding what will and will not be coming back next year. Interestingly, Agent Carter is one of the shows to keep an eye on. While billed as a limited series, Agent Carter definitely has the potential to come back for a second season, and while the show’s ratings did drop from the beginning to the end of Season 1, Butters and co. are clearly still hopeful for a second season.

ABC has already gone ahead and axed a few shows this season, including the short-lived Selfie and Manhattan Love Story. Stay tuned for more cancelation and renewal updates, and in the meantime, you can catch the full list of everything that has been picked up or shut down, here.

Jessica Rawden
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