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Powers Has Been Renewed For Season 2

TV is coming from a multitude of platforms in this day and age. Just a couple of months ago, PlayStation got into the scripted programming game with Powers, a streaming adaptation of the Marvel comic series of the same name. Now, PlayStation Network’s first original series has been greenlighted for a second season.

Powers kind of had a shaky development trajectory before landing over at PlayStation Network. The series was originally developed by FX before hopping over to PlayStation, where it nabbed a brand new cast and a straight-to-series pickup. Ten episodes were produced during Season 1. Sony Computer Entertainment’s renewal announcement today doesn’t give us a ton of information regarding the new season of the series. We do know that new episodes won’t be available to users until sometime in 2016. In addition, executive producer Brian Michael Bendis announced that Season 2 will feature a huge storyline, although he doesn't go into detail about where the show is headed.

I speak for the entire cast & crew when I say that we are really excited about season two and the opportunity to tell the story of the biggest case in Powers history.

Powers is based on a Marvel comic series set in a world where some individuals have super capabilities. Those individuals are known as—you guessed it—“Powers.” Because so many of these individuals exist, there’s a special unit in the LAPD that looks into the criminal activities of certain powers and attempts to close cases. The lead in Playstation’s Powers is man named Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) who used to actually have abilities himself before losing them and going to work for the LAPD.

Powers is PlayStation Network’s first big foray into original content, and while it hasn’t always been the best reviewed program in the TV realm, it’s not a bad start for a company just getting into originals. Now, PlayStation Network just needs to get a few more scripted programs out if the company wants to be a legitimate contender in the streaming business.

Comic Book TV programs have fared pretty well this TV season. In addition to Powers, Arrow, Gotham and The Flash have all been renewed for next TV season and are expected to hit the schedule in the fall. The networks have yet to make a decision about Constantine, Agent Carter or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., although the latter series is already looking to the future. Other comic series Supergirl and Preacher are also in the works. We’ll keep you updated as more information regarding Powers Season 2 breaks.

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