As their three-year reign comes to a close, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be passing the Golden Globes hosting gig over to new (or potentially old) blood. Their time on the stage was strong, and the next candidates will have very large shoes to fill, but unfortunately the dynamic duo has repeatedly claimed that this year will be their last.

So, they went out with a big bang including jokes about the Cosby rape allegations, as well as comparing George Clooney to his wife (who holds much more impressive achievements than he). You could tell that the celebrity crowd enjoyed the comediennes performance and Poehler and Fey made sure to roast the crowd without creating serious heat, as other hosts have done in the past. The pair have incredible chemistry and stage presence, and will be dearly missed. But, since they aren’t going to be back next year, we need to start campaigning! Take a look at our choices for 2016 Golden Globe hosts and tell us your favorite in the last page poll.

Kristen Wiig Bill Hader
Bill Hader & Kristen Wiig
We got a taste of what a Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig hosting performance would look like at last night’s Golden Globes, and it was pretty fantastic. The two undoubtedly have great chemistry. We’ve seen them together on SNL and most recently co-star in the film Skeleton Twins. Last night as the pair presented the best screenplay, their short bit was filled with hilarious one liners, Robert De Niro impressions, and some classic Wiig and Hader facial expressions. The two bring a fun and dorky lightness to the stage that is a hysterical mix among the intensity of some of the faces in the crowd. They don’t overdo it, and their performance was awkward but also totally sincere. It’d be great to see what more they could come up with hosting the entire show.

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