No setting on The Walking Dead lasts for very long, however, some are more memorably terrible than others. Following up on the Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead, we decided to list off some of the worst locations and settings we've seen so far. Of course, even the worst locations had a redeeming quality or two, so we'll lay out the pros in addition to the cons...

This list contains spoilers from Season 1 through 5 of The Walking Dead. Read on at your own risk!

Here are the ten worst places the Walking Dead characters have lived, ordered more or less by when they appeared...

The Camp
Pros: a fun, outdoorsy atmosphere, access to woods for private rendezvous, proximity to Atlanta.
Cons: Basically no protection against walkers. Atlanta is overrun by walkers, so you probably don't want to go there anyway.

Who doesn't love camping? The Atlanta survivor camp featured in Season 1 of The Walking Dead wasn't terrible as a starter-camp for the growing group of apocalypse survivors, but as Ed, Amy, Jim and the dozen or so other people who were bitten there can attest, the place is basically useless as a place to hide from the undead. The camp was a temporary refuge at best. If nothing more, it thinned the show's herd substantially leading into Season 2.

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