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Decision were always a big deal on Beverly Hills, 90210. Remember when Brenda had to decide if the Spring dance was going to be the "big night"? And then there was Andrea's choice not to go to Yale. And who could forget Kelly and Brenda presenting Dylan with cookies as a symbol that he needed to make a choice between the two of them. Old Navy's latest 90210-themed commercial has arrived, and this one reminds us of another big choice that had to be made during the course of the 90's series' run.

The latest Old Navy commercial reunites Jason Priestley, Luke Perry and Jennie Garth and presents Garth with yet another choice. In case your memory of the original 90210 is a bit rusty, this one's a nod to the series' fifth season, when Dylan and Brandon were both vying for Kelly's heart. Dylan offered her a trip around the world. Brandon offered her an engagement ring. In the end, Kelly chose "me," deciding to go it alone. See who she chooses this time around!

The prizes seem to have dimmed a bit here, at least by comparison to the original offer. I mean, granted, a giant teddy bear and a motorcycle are both enticing, but they kind of fizzle by comparison to Brandon's ring and Dylan's travel itinerary. I can't say I blame her for going with the jeans!

It's great to see all three actors together again, and I'm really loving these commercials.

Old Navy previously released and Andrea/Brandon Old Navy commercial that's also pretty great.

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