Shows end on cliffhangers all the time, some by design and others by cancellation. Regardless, every time it happens, it leaves factions of fans wondering “what if” and “where were they going?” Sometimes, we as fans eventually receive answers in the form of a revived series or a showrunner spilling the beans. However, much of the time, cliffhangers are left in limbo, never to be resolved and sure to drive fans crazy.

We’ve taken a look at 12 of the most frustrating TV cliffhangers of all time. These are cliffhangers that never resolved key threads or left viewers in confusion. These are the cliffhangers that, years later, are still making us wonder what the series had in mind for its characters. Plot points from the finales are listed in the paragraphs, but if there’s a show on this list you haven’t seen, you should be able to scroll through and avoid reading up on the cliffhanger by skipping the text.

The Sopranos
The Sopranos, HBO
The Sopranos ended with the mother of all cliffhangers, with Tony and his family sitting down to dinner but nothing seeming quite right. The camera moves to follow a man in the diner wearing a jacket, then cutting back to Meadow who is trying to park her car. Then, it fades to black, leading us to wonder what happened. Never have we been more on our seats since J.R. was shot (and at least that plotline was resolved years later). Sopranos creator David Chase will never tell us where that cliffhanger is headed (although he once sorta clued us in).

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