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Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn Just Joined Shades Of Blue

Jennifer Lopez's NBC drama Shades of Blue managed to rack up a pretty good cast for Season 1, and now the show has added another strong performer for the second season. Breaking Bad alum Anna Gunn has just joined the series in a role that will surely add some tension to the cop drama.

According to a report from TVLine, two time Emmy winner Anna Gunn will be joining Shades of Blue in Season 2. Her, currently unnamed, character is a city councilwoman who's rising through the political ranks and has her eye on the Mayor's office. She also happens to be a former member of the crew of dirty cops that Jennifer Lopez's character, Harlee, is a part of. And, this just so happens to mean that she's a former protege of Wozniak's (Ray Liotta) who's gone on to bigger and better things than taking protection money off of drug dealers and thugs. The character has a habit of using her charisma to find out what people need and give them exactly that, which has led to her quick rise inside of the police department and in her political career. During the course of Season 2, the audience will be treated to the insider details that chronicle her rise to power and show off the character's darker, scheming side.

Anna Gunn got her start in TV with a part on Quantum Leap in 1992, and has gone on to appear in over 60 television shows and movies in the decades since. She's best known for her Emmy-winning role as drug dealer/chemist extraordinaire Walter White's wife, Skyler, on AMC's drama Breaking Bad, but Gunn has had roles in a host of other shows. She's given her talents to NYPD Blue, Seinfeld, Murder One, Chicago Hope, ER, The Practice, Deadwood, The Mindy Project, Gracepoint and Criminal Minds.

The world of Shades of Blue is filled with moral ambiguities and characters whose true motives are often hidden. The show focuses on a crew of corrupt cops, led by Wozniak, who are being informed on to the FBI by his current protege, Harlee. The show makes good use of the duplicitous nature of the characters by throwing copious twists and turns into the plot during every episode, so that the characters' true alliances are often hard to pin down. Bringing a shady politician into the mix, in the form of a former dirty cop turned city council member who's got grand ambitions, seems like a perfect fit for the show. Plus, adding the strength of performance that Anna Gunn will bring to the series can only enhance the final, morally suspect, product.

Shades of Blue begins filming for Season 2 today, and the show will return to NBC at mid-season in 2017.

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