The Shades Of Blue Character We'll Be Seeing A Lot More In Season 2

If you enjoyed the spring series Shades of Blue on NBC, then you’ll be glad to know that one character is going to be around a lot more in Season 2 of the shady cop drama. Actor Gino Anthony Pesi has been upgraded to series regular, and this means that his ADA James Nava will become a more permanent fixture on the show in the second season.

The report from Deadline tells us that we should expect to see Gino Anthony Pesi on a regular basis during Season 2 of Shades of Blue, which is scheduled to air during midseason in the 2016-2017 television season. Just as with Season 1, the new season will also be comprised of 13 episodes. Pesi appeared in eight of the Season 1 episodes.

Since nabbing a small part in a 2005 episode of CSI: Miami, Gino Anthony Pesi has appeared in over 40 TV shows and movies. He’s given his talents to What I Like About You, Cold Case, The Hottie & the Nottie, Chuck, CSI: New York, Takers, Battle Los Angeles, The Vampire Diaries and the Dallas remake.


Shades of Blue follows NYPD Detective Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez), a single mother who works with a team of corrupt cops led by her mentor, Lieutenant Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta), in order to get extra money so that she can pay for a private school education for her daughter, Cristina (Sarah Jeffery). When an FBI anti-corruption case leads to her arrest, Harlee ends up becoming a reluctant informant against Wozniak and his team in order to secure her own immunity from prosecution. The show focuses on her efforts to gain enough info to get the FBI off her tail by serving up Wozniak, while also trying to protect the rest of the team and keeping her status as an informer away from them.

While Harlee spends most of her time solving cases, dealing with her daughter and juggling her FBI duties with the covert actions of her crew, she does have a little time for fun. And, lucky for viewers of Shades of Blue, that fun mostly comes in the form of her precinct’s new Assistant District Attorney, James Nava. The chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Gino Anthony Pesi is so strong that all the two need to do is be in the same room together and you can feel the heat coming off of them. It’s actually a wonder that Pesi wasn’t brought on full time in Season 1 just for that reason.

You can catch more of Gino Anthony Pesi when Shades of Blue returns on NBC at midseason. Until then, check out our summer TV premiere schedule to see how to fill your TV viewing time.

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