Numb3rs Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix


Netflix is a fabulous streaming service for those of us who love to catch great TV shows that we happened to miss while they were airing live. There are sitcoms and thrillers and procedurals galore for viewing at whatever pace we want. As it happens, however, one great show is soon being kicked off Netflix. All six seasons of crime drama Numb3rs will cease to be available on Netflix as of July 1, so any of you who are catching up at a reasonable rate are going to need to pick up the pace if you want to finish in time.

Crime dramas can be a dime a dozen on the small screen, but Numb3rs set itself apart by using mathematics and probability as part of the process of investigating criminal activity. The premise of the show saw math professor and prodigy Charlie Eppes lend his genius to the FBI to help his brother Special Agent Don Eppes solve crimes. Numb3rs stuck a balance between stories of academia with Charlie and his university, plots of law and order with Don and the FBI, and a narrative of family dynamics with the Eppes boys and their dad.

Despite airing in an unenviable Friday night time slot, Numb3rs ran for six seasons and accumulated a respectable audience over the years. There was still story that could have been mined for future seasons, but the show came to a satisfying conclusion without a huge cliffhanger. There's no Netflix bummer more frustrating than binge-watching a completed series only to discover that the series finale was a cliffhanger, so Numb3rs was worth having in the queue.

Unfortunately for those of us who have kept Numb3rs waiting in the queue for a rainy day, we don't have much time left if we want to watch the whole series before July 1. It's not the longest show ever to be available streaming on Netflix, but six seasons and 118 hour-long episodes are still a lot to binge-watch on a deadline.

All hope is not lost for any who won't be able to watch the whole series by July 1. Numb3rs will be available streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Both options would be an extra fee on top of a Netflix subscription, but at least they provide an alternative to DVDs.

Numb3rs isn't the only series that will be leaving Netflix soon. All seven seasons of Medium will also be removed as a streaming option as of July 1. Luckily for any folks whose queues may be getting much emptier without Numb3rs and Medium, Netflix is releasing a whole bunch of movies and TV shows in July. There should still be plenty worth watching for those who can't watch Numb3rs on Hulu or Amazon. Check out the full list of what will be streaming on Netflix (opens in new tab) soon, and take a look at our summer TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch live on the small screen.

Laura Hurley
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