How Quantico Season 2 Will Raise The Stakes From Season 1

Season 1 of ABC's Quantico started off with a massive event: the bombing of New York's Grand Central Station. The mystery of who was behind it took a whole season to solve, and now it looks like another huge event is coming to Season 2 of the drama, according to executive producer Josh Safran.

The event in season 2 is probably even bigger than season 1 on some level. But while it is bigger, it's also more contained. It allows us to feel more rooted every time we travel from one timeline to another.

Quantico's executive producer Josh Safran spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect from the beginning of Season 2 this fall, and gave us all a hint as to how big the beginning of the next mystery will be for the show. Seeing as how the series orchestrated a terrorist attack on a major U.S. landmark in the first season, the producers must have some mighty plans in store for Season 2. I'm already stumped as to what event could be bigger than that, yet also more contained somehow. Actually, I'm not even sure I can figure out what that means for the show in general. But, Safran seems to think that this plan they've put together for the new season will let viewers become more invested in the flashbacks and flash forwards that Quantico likes to use. And, anything that adds to making those aspects of the show tighter and more interesting can only be a good thing.

Season 2 of Quantico would, indeed, have to be very different from Season 1, as the major mystery from that season was wrapped up nicely in the finale. We finally know who carried out the bombing that Alex was blamed for and got another nice twist in the action before everything came to a conclusion. We also had Alex getting booted from the FBI position she tried so hard to hold on to (along with, you know, her freedom), and being offered a job with the CIA in return. Obviously, if the big event that Josh Safran refers to leads Alex into the CIA, there'd have to be some way to keep the show connected to the FBI, otherwise the name Quantico won't have much to do with the series anymore. But, Safran gave up another little hint as to what will go on in Season 2.

If Season 1 was sort of The Fugitive, Season 2 has another blockbuster in mind. If I said it, it'll be very clear what we're doing, and I can't do that.

Well, now we can spend the rest of the summer trying to figure out what movie Josh Safran is talking about as the inspiration for Season 2. I'm really hoping it'll be Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, but only because that would be weird and totally awesome. We can all see for ourselves when Quantico returns to ABC this fall.

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