How A Married At First Sight Couple Is Getting A Happily Ever After

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The social experiment reality series Married At First Sight has a pretty outside-the-box premise, following two people who agree to get married without ever meeting one another. They live together for six weeks following the nuptials, and spend time with counselors and other professionals. After the agreed upon period, they decide whether to stay married or get divorced. During its first three seasons, Married At First Sight has mostly been a socially failure. Only first season couples have stuck with the marriage over the long-term, and now it looks as if one couple is getting even more of a happily ever after. News this week indicates that Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis are having their first child together.

The news is kind-of a big deal, not only because it proves that the Married At First Sight way of thinking can and has worked, but also because Doug Hehner, 35, was reportedly hoping to finish up his bucket list before committing to a kid with his wife Jamie Otis, 30. The couple told People that after Dough finally got to go skydiving, he said a baby would fit into his life plan. Otis has already been pregnant for a little while, and the couple are expecting their first child this December. You can see the official announcement photo, below.

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Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis have stayed on television after their appearance on Married At First Sight. In fact, FYI has a spinoff based solely around the couple called Married At First Sight: The First Year. The show also follows the other couple from the first season, Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion, who also stayed married after the initial run of the show. Now that a baby is on the way, I assume there will be more reality fodder in the couple's future.

The success the show had during its first season has doubtless helped Married At First Sight to stay on the air, as subsequent seasons have ended in divorce--and at one point even a restraining order--rather than marriage and a baby on the way. Here's hoping the social experiment works out successfully when it returns for Season 4. In fact, the fourth season of Married At First Sight is already coming together and is expected to premiere on July 26 at 9 p.m. ET, on FYI and A&E. If you'd like to see what else TV has coming up this summer, check out our TV premiere schedule.

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