Furious 7 Extended Look Features Skydiving Cars, Is Packed With Awesome

The wait is almost over for James Wan’s Furious 7 to hit theaters, and Universal Pictures is not letting us forget. We’re just a couple weeks removed from the movie’s most recent, utterly insane trailer, but now they have launched a brand new preview for the film. Watch it below!

This extended look at Furious 7 was aired this evening during the debut broadcast of the new USA Network series Dig, and it’s pretty damn insane. This is a franchise that is known for featuring all kinds of crazy stunts that break the laws of reality, but this is definitely one of the most ridiculous we’ve seen. Skydiving cars, people!

As amazing as this scene looks, however, what’s kind of amazing about it is that it’s just only one of many, many over-the-top action sequences that have been promised from the previously released Furious 7 marketing materials. Sure, skydiving cars pretty damn amazing, but this is also a movie with… huge house explosions!

Furious 7

Showdowns with Jason Statham!

Furious 7

The Rock using a Gatling gun!

Furious 7

And balls-out awesome skyscraper jumps!

Furious 7

I have absolutely no idea how all of these very different sequences set in all different locations will all fit into the same narrative, but I’m very excited to find out!

Furious 7 will be in theaters on April 3rd.

Eric Eisenberg
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