We Finally Have a Look At Kid Flash And It's On Point

When Wally West debuted last season on The Flash, comic book fans knew that a heroic destiny awaited him. While Barry occupies the Scarlet Speedster role nowadays, it was understandably expected that eventually Wally would become Kid Flash. Now it's official: that moment is coming later this year, as The CW has released the first look at actor Keiynan Lonsdale suited up as Kid Flash for The Flash Season 3.

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Just like Barry Allen's costume, Wally West's TV Kid Flash costume is a cool recreation from his original comic book duds. The traditional red and yellow color scheme has been retained, as has the mask design. The lightning bolt symbol also rocks only two edges just like in the comics and other media stories, to differentiate from Barry's three edged design. The shading is slightly darker than the original Kid Flash costume, but given how Grant Gustin's Flash suit isn't bright red, that was to be expected. Here's another look at Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash, adopting a more badass pose.

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Neither of the pictures provided information about how Wally West will become Kid Flash on The Flash, but we've likely already seen his "origin story" unfold in Season 2. When Barry and the S.T.A.R. Labs team recreated the experiment that gave him his powers in "Rupture," both Wally and Jesse Quick were struck by the force of the explosion. This sent Jesse into a brief coma, but Wally didn't appear any worse for wear. Now we know that he was affected, and at some point in Season 3, his super speed will awaken and he'll become Kid Flash.

The Kid Flash costume is by far the biggest reveal yet for The Flash Season 3. The Season 2 finale ended with Barry Allen racing back in time to save his mother from Reverse-Flash, but the creative talent have been cagey about what's coming in the fall. All we know for certain is that Season 3 will adapt the Flashpoint storyline in its "own special way," and they have added Harry Potter star Tom Felton as Julian Dorn, a CSI employee at the Central City Police Department who is suspicious of Barry. Beyond that, we don't know specifically what's in store for the main characters, but after being the only benevolent speedster around Central City for two seasons (since the real Jay Garrick had been imprisoned by Zoom), Barry will undoubtedly be pleased to have another quick ally by his side.

The Flash Season 3 will race its way to The CW Tuesday, October 4 at 8 p.m. EST. In the meantime, let us know what you think of Wally West's Kid Flash costume in the comments below.

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