Watch Kristen Wiig Do Her Best Bachelorette Impression

Kristen Wiig has made quite a name for herself on the big screen thanks to some majorly funny film roles, but she got back to her Saturday Night Live roots in a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Instead of walking out to chat with Jimmy as herself to promote the new Ghostbusters movie, Wiig strutted onto stage in formalwear to channel her inner JoJo Fletcher of The Bachelorette. Prepare yourself for some laughs and check out Kristen Wiig as JoJo Fletcher on The Tonight Show!

I can't speak for anybody else, but Kristen Wiig's ten minutes as JoJo Fletcher in the Tonight Show clip was the most entertained I've ever been by anything Bachelorette. She wasn't able to channel any of the strangely addictive melodrama of any given Bachelorette episode; still, her ability to stay in-character and improvise as JoJo was pretty hilarious. She didn't even totally lose her composure when Jimmy Fallon started getting the giggles, because of course he did. How couldn't he? Wiig was on point.

Of course, Kristen Wiig wasn't immune to getting the giggles herself as Jimmy Fallon threw increasingly elaborate scenarios at her to improvise. The Bachelorette clearly isn't must-see TV for Wiig, and her lack of knowledge about the current Bachelorette contestants made the video all the more entertaining. Watching her come up with nicknames for all of JoJo's hunky hopefuls was like watching a Mad Lib unfold live on television.

I'm not sure what was my favorite part of the clip. I definitely enjoyed that both Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon played that Wiig was JoJo Fletcher from beginning to end, and I rewound Wiig's description of JoJo's perfect farm date a couple of times, but I think I have to go with her tangent about Star Wars after naming Bachelor #2 "Mark Hamill" as the highlight. She went from struggling to place what movie Hamill is known for to establishing a strong platform on wars in space. My only wish is that she'd clarified whether or not JoJo would support the stormtroopers even if she wouldn't support a war.

It's good that Jimmy Fallon recovered from his giggles long enough to show the clip of Ghostbusters. Kristen Wiig didn't just show up on The Tonight Show to give an interview as JoJo Fletcher. The all-female reboot of the classic Ghostbusters premise has been a hot topic ever since it was announced, and it can use all the positive press it can get. The movie has gotten mixed reviews from critics, and some folks have been against a reboot just because it won't be the same as the original. Wiig signed on to play one of the four protagonists because she loved the script, and her co-stars are all hilarious comediennes in their own right, so Ghostbusters has the right recipe for a fun film. Hopefully Kristen Wiig's appearance on The Tonight Show as JoJo Fletcher will entice some late night fans into helping to make opening weekend into a success.

Be sure to head to theaters this weekend to catch Ghostbusters for some more Kristen Wiig, and don't be ashamed if you want to re-watch her appearance on The Tonight Show an extra time or two. I know I did.

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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