The Two Major Comic Characters Supergirl Season 2 Might Be Adding

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Season 2 of Supergirl is already confirmed as featuring a handful of new characters to mix things up for Kara in her sophomore year of superheroism. We've already learned this summer that she'll interact with characters ranging from the President of the United States to Superman himself when her next set of adventures kicks off on The CW this fall. Now, it looks like there's a chance that a pair of very big comic characters will make appearances on Supergirl. If a current rumor is correct, Kara will be meeting none other than Batwoman and Oracle in Supergirl Season 2.

Rumors about what could be happening next on comic television are abounding now that San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, the story (via Bleeding Cool) that Batwoman and Oracle could up on Supergirl is a doozy. The characters are big in DC Comics, but neither have too much history with Supergirl in traditional lore. In fact, both Batwoman and Oracle are folks who seem more likely to turn up on Gotham than Supergirl. Their major connections are to Batman rather than anybody Super. Still, it's not a totally insane idea that Batwoman and/or Oracle could join Kara in National City. Batwoman even already has a reason to cross paths with Supergirl.


DC Comics' Batwoman - AKA Kate Kane - took up the vigilante cause after seeing Batman in action and deciding that she could do more with her life. In addition to doing her part to fight crime, Kate was in a serious relationship with a police captain by the name of Maggie Sawyer. Maggie has already been confirmed as a character being adapted for Supergirl Season 2; it would make sense if a plot twist involving Maggie just so happened to twist far enough to involve Kate. The Supergirl rumor states that Kate would be Maggie's ex-girlfriend who travels occasionally to National City, so Batwoman wouldn't be a regular on the show if she shows up at all. Oracle might have to be a different story.

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DC Comics' Oracle was the second alter ego taken by Barbara Gordon, who started out fighting crime as the first Batgirl. A terrible injury left her in a wheelchair, but she used her computer smarts to become an expert hacker who helped other heroes all over the world. As Oracle, Barbara helped establish the Birds of Prey group of heroines. If the rumor is is accurate, Barbara will have established the Birds of Prey dynamic with Batwoman (Spinoff time, anyone?), and she'll strike up a strong friendship with Kara.

Oracle doesn't have quite as direct a possible connection to Supergirl as Batwoman at this point, but anything is possible. The character can play a part in just about any plot thanks to her super computer skills; maybe she could just end up crossing cyber-paths with Winn and meet the team that way. It's not out of the realm of possibility that Oracle enters the scene on Supergirl.

All of this said, I wouldn't put much money on any traditional Batman characters becoming major players on Supergirl. Gotham is still going strong over on Fox, and Batwoman and Oracle are two characters whose origin stories are tied to Batman and life in Gotham. Add on the fact that The CW recently did a story with Felicity Smoak that was so close to the Barbara story that the show actually thew in an "Oracle" inside joke, and the odds on Oracle befriending Supergirl don't feel all that great. I wouldn't totally rule out a cameo or a mention, but character arcs would be a bit much.

Of course, Supergirl does have the benefit of taking place in an alternate reality in which Beyonce is a senator and none of the other CW superheroes exist, so the show could conceivably find a way to include big Batman characters without breaking too many rules. Only time will tell. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for news about what is and isn't happening with comic TV, and check out our breakdown of what we know so far about Supergirl Season 2 for a peek ahead.

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