Supergirl Season 2 Just Cast A New LGBT Character

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Supergirl will be making a lot of changes for Season 2 as it makes the big move from CBS to The CW, and some of those changes will involve new characters. The latest confirmed to be joining the Supergirl team will be the DC Comics character Maggie Sawyer, who will work as a detective in the National City Police Department. Maggie became one of the most prominent gay characters in DC Comics thanks to her relationship with Batwoman Kate Kane. Actress Floriana Lima has signed as a regular to play Maggie in Season 2.

The Maggie Sawyer of DC Comics fame was introduced in a Superman story back in 1987. The character was a captain in the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit and member of the Science Police. She was a highly-skilled law enforcement officer who helped the police deal with metahumans in Metropolis. Maggie would eventually move to Gotham to join the Gotham City Police Department, and she would there become the love interest of Batwoman.

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There's no word just yet of whether or not the Supergirl version of Maggie will be LGBT. As of now, she has only been confirmed by THR as a detective for the National City Police Department who becomes involved in Kara's adventures thanks to her special interest in investigations that involve aliens. The NCPD didn't have a whole lot to do with Kara and Co. in the first season, so it should be interesting to see how good guys on the police force deal with alien presences without the resources of the D.E.O.

DC TV currently doesn't feature many LGBT characters, with Arrow's Curtis Holt as the notable exception. If Supergirl's Maggie Sawyer shares the same sexuality as her comic counterpart, she could serve as a pivotal character in the plot of Season 2 as well as bring further LGBT representation to the DC TV universe.Supergirl did well with writing for female characters in Season 1; hopefully the trend will continue for Season 2. Actress Floriana Lima could be perfect for the part.

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Floriana Lima was a key cast member in the short-lived ABC drama The Family. She played bisexual journalist Bridey Cruz, who was attempting to break a big story in order to move up from her position as "lesbian lifestyle blogger." Lima was a bright spot in what could be a dreary plot, and she clearly has experience in playing investigative characters. She should be a solid addition to Supergirl in Season 2. Other roles have included appearances on Hawaii Five-O, CSI, and Allegiance.

Floriana Lima will be only one of many new faces to join Supergirl for Season 2. Lynda Carter is on board to play the president of the United States, Tyler Hoechlin will be turning up as Superman himself, and Ian Gomez will play traditional Justice League character Snapper Carr. Check else what else we know so far about Supergirl Season 2.

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