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The Order Marvel's Netflix Shows Are Going To Be Released In

Over the last several months, Netflix has announced a ton of new Marvel projects that are on the way. That includes new seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, plus a Punisher spinoff, all joining original projects that had already been announced, like the upcomingLuke Cage. At TCA, Netflix revealed that the three first season Netflix shows are definitely hitting the schedule first and that Daredevil Season 3, Jessica Jones Season 2 and the recently announced Punisher spinoff will all come after. Here's what we know:

Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders THEN 2nd and 3rd seasons of the other shows and Punisher.

EW writer Natalie Abrams released the scoop via Twitter, noting that the other three Marvel shows won't come until after The Defenders has had its day in the sun. Luke Cage is the last Marvel Netflix series that is expected in 2016, and Iron First is currently expected for the spring of 2017, although the streaming service has yet to officially announce that premiere date. Instead, we are simply following the pattern of two shows per year that Netflix and Marvel have developed of releasing one of its programs in the spring and another in the fall.

CEO Ted Sarandos also noted (via Deadline), that it's possible that with all of these projects in the pipeline, we could start seeing three Marvel programs hit Netflix's schedule each year. However, that came off as more of a potential idea than a confirmed change, and it's equally as possible that Marvel and Netflix are simply planning out the schedule for years to come in advance---sort of like how Marvel's Cinematic Universe does it. Figuring out dates and timelines in advance could help all of the shows to coordinate with one another and, in extension, make for a better viewing experience.

But if the company truly wants to be closer to the Cinematic Universe, it would be cool if we could get those release dates way in advance, just like we get them in advance for the films. A girl needs to plan her viewing schedule as far out as possible.

Netflix's Marvel shows have been pretty well reviewed, so far. While Luke Cage is going to be a new entity for the company, the character was smartly introduced during the first season of Jessica Jones and thus should be familiar to fans. Iron Fist has yet to make an appearance on the small screen, but the show cast Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones for the upcoming series, and the network is getting ready to churn that show out, as well.

Netflix usually only waits until a few months in advance to announce new premiere dates, but perhaps this acknowledgment of the order of the shows will help the streaming service to get some dates on the books. Whether or not that happens, you can check out our Netflix premiere schedule to see what is coming up.

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