The Lizzie McGuire Creator Has A New Show Coming, Get The Details

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TV is all about nostalgia right now, which is why we are getting reboots of shows like Gilmore Girls and MacGyver. Disney's new plan, however, seems to be to bring show creators back into the fold that formerly produced well-liked and fondly remembered TV series. At least that's what the network is doing with its latest series Andi Mack, which is sadly not a sequel to The Secret Life of Alex Mack but is happily coming from the creator of Lizzie McGuire.

While Lizzie McGuire was never a series that lasted for an extremely long time at the network, it helped make Hilary Duff a household name and has been fondly remembered in the time since, similar to how the Disney Channel original movies and other shows like Even Stevens are still brought up and discussed by people from a certain generation. The Disney Channel calls McGuire a "defining series" for the network and mentions that is one of the reasons it brought creator Terri Minsky back for another round. Because Minsky was able to make Lizzie McGuire a bit of a phenomenon, the network hopes she'll be able to do the same thing for a new generation of kids and tweens.

Andi Mack, similar to Lizzie McGuire is a series about a 13-year-old girl who will be trying to figure it all out. In the series, Andi will have to face new challenges when her older sister Bex returns home. That might sound great, but it looks as if Bex will be a bit of a mess. Peyton Elizabeth Lee will star in the titular role and the series has cast Lilan Bowden as Bex. Lauren Tom, Joshua Rush and Asher Angel will also star. I have no idea if Andi will have her own version of Gordo and Miranda, but with a trainwreck sister situation to deal with, she may be in need of some pals.

The Disney Channel has been working to rebrand in recent years and has gotten into the nostalgia trend a little bit already. Girl Meets World has been airing on the cable station for a few seasons now and has done well with episodes that have brought back original characters. In fact, the series follows Corey and Topanga's kids, so they are also leads on the dramedy. Bringing back Terri Minsky is obviously different than bringing back a beloved cast, but the show creator has hit gold before and could hit gold again.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to catch or get your kids into a show from the lauded Lizzie McGuire creator you will have to wait at least a little while to wait. Andi Mack isn't expected to hit the schedule until sometime in 2017, according to the Disney Channel. Still, now that Minsky is working with the Disney Channel again, maybe that will free her up for that Lizzie McGuire comeback that even Hilary Duff has been waiting for. We'll keep you updated, regardless of what happens.

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