Watch Katherine Heigl Head Back To TV In Brand New Doubt Trailer

Katherine Heigl's first major break into showbiz came with a role on all three seasons of The WB's Roswell, and she became a household name thanks to her performance as Izzie Stevens in the first six seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Heigl did well enough for a while on the big screen after leaving Grey's Anatomy, but she hasn't had much luck on the small screen in recent years. Her new CBS drama Doubt could be the one to put her back on the map of successful primetime TV series, and the trailer has finally hit the web. Check it out!

The trailer tackles just about every plot point mentioned in early reports of the series' premise. Doubt is set to follow the legal dealings of defense lawyer Sadie Ellis (Katherine Heigl) as she struggles with a case that gets a bit too personal when she falls for the client (Steven Pasquale) who is as dreamy as he is possibly murderous. Laverne Cox, Dulé Hill, and Dreama Walker will play Sadie's coworkers, and Elliot Gould looks like he should be memorable as Sadie's boss. Heigl will clearly have to do some serious emoting as Sadie; the rest of the cast should have the acting chops to back her up.

Sadie Ellis is a new kind of character for Katherine Heigl. She's best known for her role as a doctor on Grey's Anatomy, and she returned to primetime in the relatively short-lived espionage thriller State of Affairs as a CIA analyst. We'll have to see how the Emmy-winning actress does as a lawyer with Doubt. Sadie doesn't exactly seem like the most professional lawyer if she falls in love with her client, so Heigl will almost certainly need to strike a balance between competent as an attorney and vulnerable as a woman who has fallen for the wrong guy.

Katherine Heigl has had an uphill battle in returning to television after the very public circumstances of her departure from Grey's Anatomy. Heigl was open with her complaints about the writing - some might say too open - and she has reportedly been difficult for others to work with on sets. Heigl came to regret her bluntness and even expressed a willingness to return to Grey's Anatomy, but her reputation as a troublesome actress has followed her around. It may take another big primetime hit for her to lose the negative legacy.

It's too soon to say if Doubt could be a big enough hit to eclipse her time on Grey's Anatomy. I'm not 100% psyched about a legal drama about a woman who immediately falls for a client, but the trailer does indicate that there will be more going on with Doubt than just Sadie swooning over a someone potentially seeking a victim..

CBS has not yet released a debut date for Doubt (opens in new tab), so it may be a while before we see for ourselves how Katherine Heigl does as Sadie Ellis. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what you can catch on the small screen in the meantime.

Laura Hurley
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