One Parenthood Actor Is Already 100% In On A Revival

NBC's Parenthood was never the biggest ratings bringer for the network, but what it didn't have in total viewers it made up for in a loyal audience. The show's ratings rarely wavered during its run and the fan love for Parenthood has lived on in the time since the drama ended. Fans still really like the drama, and because of the meaningful way those fans have interacted with the series, there have been some rumors we could get a revival. One actress is all for a Parenthood making a comeback. Here's what Lauren Graham shared via social media.

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Of all of the actors and actresses involved with Parenthood, it's no real surprise that it is Lauren Graham who is out there and gunning for the return of the drama. Lauren Graham has spent much of her time since Parenthood ended championing a Gilmore Girls revival and then working on said revival after Netflix opted to pick up the series and put together four brand new, 90-minute episodes. Lauren Graham has been open about how "emotional" shooting the revival series has been, and since Gilmore Girls is expected to return for A Year In The Life in November, doubtless Lauren Graham is looking around for another TV gig at this point. Why not the return of Parenthood?

Parenthood creator Jason Katims has basically been stating since right after the finale that he would be happy to return to the world of the Bravermans any time. However, this idea gained a bit of traction just a few days ago when Katims did another interview where he reiterated he wants to return to the world of the NBC drama. While another run of the TV series might be impossible, considering Peter Krause is now on The Catch and many other actors from the show have now moved on to new projects, a TV movie or even a one-off special might be just the ticket for Parenthood fans everywhere. Something limited could work really well for the characters on the series.

Nothing is set in stone, yet, but maybe if Lauren Graham continues to fight for it on Twitter, we'll actually get it?

The good news? Despite the lack of Parenthood, there is plenty of great TV coming together this fall. If you'd like to see when Gilmore Girls is coming back and what else is on the fall TV schedule, head here.

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