The Jim Gaffigan Show Season 3 Isn't Happening, But Not Because It Was Cancelled

TV shows get cancelled almost every day, but it's not often that a show with decent ratings that hasn't been on the air for long ceases to exist for another reason. But, that's exactly what happened today with The Jim Gaffigan Show. Comedian and star Jim Gaffigan let fans know that the show wouldn't be back for Season 3 today, and the reason is rather surprising. Here's what he had to say:

After months of discussion Jeannie and I have decided to make Season 2 of The Jim Gaffigan Show the final season. We realize this may surprise some and we don't make this decision lightly. It is hard to say goodbye to this highly personal passion project, which we have nurtured and poured our hearts into for over five years.

Jim Gaffigan wrote a personal message to his fans on social media today, and revealed that he and his wife have decided to let Season 2 of his eponymous sitcom be the last. A statement from TV Land (via TVLine), where the series aired, also noted the mutual nature of the show's ending. The series, which wrapped up the second season last night, was written and executive produced by Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie. The autobiographical show followed Gaffigan as he worked as a stand up comedian and tried to balance his home life with his wife and their five children, all while living in a two bedroom apartment in New York City. It turns out that the difficulties of raising a family and creating a TV show had a lot to do with the decision to leave the show behind. Gaffigan also had this to say:

As many of you know all the episodes this season were written by Jeannie and me. Jeannie was the showrunner and I acted in virtually every scene. In one way it was a perfect scenario. We worked with an amazing cast and crew, learned tons and laughed so much. However the time commitment to make the quality of show we wanted was taking us away from our most important project, our five children.

Generally, in entertainment families like this, both parents aren't preoccupied with an all-encompassing job at the same time. But, the thing that made the show possible in the first place, Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan being good at working together, was also the thing that helped bring The Jim Gaffigan Show to a close earlier than most people would have expected. It makes complete sense that both of them working long and demanding hours on the show would leave precious little time for them to have quality family time with their kids, something that your average parent likes to enjoy. While it's sad to see The Jim Gaffigan Show go, we'll always have the cake loving comedian's stand up as a way to keep us laughing.

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