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This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, including who won Head of Household, who they nominated, and who won the Veto. If you're trying not to get ahead of the episodes, read no further!

Ok, you've been warned. Here are the current power positions in the house.

Head of Household - Victor

Nominated - James, Natalie

Won the Veto - Corey

Veto used? - Not yet.

Will Corey use the Veto? Not likely. It's just a matter of deciding whether James or Natalie will go.

Victor won the egg competition, securing one more comp win along with safety and power. True to his and Paul's Final Four alliance with Nicorey, Victor nominated James and Natalie.

If there was major fallout over the Michelle semi-blindside, I didn't see it. Then again, James never takes game stuff personally, and Natalie seems to see their fatal flaw in spending the past week laying around in bed while Paul and Victor social-gamed. Now, one of them will likely go home, and there isn't a whole lot they can do about it.

Big Brother Veto

Victor put Natalie and James on the block. The Veto competition took place later in the day on Saturday. When the feeds came back on Saturday night, the houseguests were dirty with some sooty black substance all over them, and Corey had the Veto around his neck...

Had Paul or Victor won the Veto, they might've toyed with the idea of backdooring Corey or Nicole. I think the odds of that would've been extremely slim, but the opportunity would've been there. But Corey has the Veto, and numbers-wise there's no logical reason he'd use it. So for the Final Four, the main decision is whether James or Natalie should go.

Victor seems to be the lone holdout to get James out. Nicole, Corey and Paul all see the benefit of getting Natalie out, believing she's smarter than she lets on, and better at competitions than her track record would suggest.

I can't say I blame Victor entirely for wanting Natalie to stay over James. Though it seems like his reasoning is that he's concerned James will be his undoing, I wonder if he also realizes that in the event that things don't go right in the next couple of competitions and the one person outside the Final Four wins Head of Household or Veto, better that person be Natalie than James. Because Natalie's probably more likely to side with Paul and Victor than James is. Victor hasn't been super-strategic this season, relying more on competitions to get ahead than anything else, but you don't need to be very strategic to see why James might be the bigger threat. After all, James is the one who voted to evict him. And James outright told Victor that Natalie wanted him to stay. That in itself seems like reason enough for Victor to lean toward keeping Natalie.

Paul should really consider that also, but he seems eager to get Natalie out. And in the end, Victor has no vote. Corey, Nicole and Paul will decide who goes. That means Nicorey once again has all the power. Meanwhile, I think James and Natalie are under the impression that James will go. Not sure if Final Four will inform them of the final decision, let them assume the wrong thing, or keep them in suspense up until the eviction.

With just six houseguests left, this Big Brother season will be winding down pretty quickly.

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