Watch Tom Hiddleston And Taylor Swift's Break-Up Hilariously Captured In Song By Stephen Colbert

The most public celebrity romance of the summer of 2016 has come to an end as Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston officially ended their three-month relationship. The twosome took social media by storm with their unexpected and widely-documented love connection. Nobody is more upset about the end of Hiddleswift than The Late Show host Stephen Colbert. He chose to follow Taylor Swift's example and express his break-up feelings via song, and it's pretty hilarious. Check it out!

From the looks of things, Stephen Colbert never imagined in his wildest dreams that the Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston love story could come to such an abrupt end. Luckily, expressing himself via song may help him avoid any bad blood about the break-up, especially if they are never getting back together. The grief may still be too near for him to entirely shake it off, but at least he's dealing with it.

In all seriousness, Hiddleswift always seemed more of a showmance than a romance thanks to all the publicity, so it was inevitable that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's split was going to get a lot of attention. Of course, not all of that attention can be as funny as Stephen Colbert's take on the break-up. Frankly, I'm kind of disappointed that the two celebrities called it quits just because it means the end of Colbiddleswift before it ever really began. What's a power duo when a power trio is an option?

In what is either a super funny or super sad twist, reports indicate that Hiddleswift came to an end because it just wasn't public enough for Tom Hiddleston. Sources close to the couple revealed that Taylor Swift was uncomfortable with how much time in the public eye Hiddleston wanted to spend with her. The duo evidently had a major fight two months into their relationship due to the demands of Hiddleston's work on Thor: Ragnarok. They were broken up a month later. Now, all they'll have left of their time together are their memories. Luckily, in case their memories ever get foggy, they can search #Hiddleswift on Twitter for a refresher on the details of their time together.

Stephen Colbert's lampooning of Hiddleswift was the perfect way to cap what has been a bizarre whirlwind romance that has fascinated folks everywhere for the past three months. Some of us were genuinely interested in the love story, while others of us were just morbidly curious about when the other shoe would drop and the public displays of affection would turn into public separation. The Late Show clip is worth watching a few extra times just to take as close a look as possible at the Photoshopped pics.

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