As fall is approaching, we've started preparing to set our DVRs and cement our TV-watching schedules. However, while there are a slew of new and returning programs headed to TV this fall, we did have to say goodbye to a lot of lovely shows last season. From cable shows to network TV, there were a lot of shows with avid fanbases that still got the axe or---best case scenario---ended a lengthy run. If you are wondering whether or not your favorite show will return this fall, this is the list for you.

You can check out 12 well-liked shows that sadly will not be returning to the schedule, below


After eight seasons, Castle was getting a little long in the tooth. Still, for a while it seemed as if we would be getting Season 9 this fall, just minus a few of the key players that have been a part of the series over the years. Without Stana Katic, the show would have been pretty weird for fans, and apparently that coupled with continually lowering ratings convinced ABC to give the drama the boot. Luckily, Nathan Fillion has already landed his next TV gig and is heading to Modern Family this fall.

What We'll Miss Most: Castle's ability to get us to invest in Caskett, even when the drama was over-the-top.

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