There are a lot of reasons why shows get cancelled. Sometimes bad ratings or bad critical response contribute to a show’s cancellation. Sometimes a show isn’t all that well-liked by a network or doesn’t have the fanbase it quite needs to survive. Sometimes a network doesn’t own the TV program it is airing. Sometimes there are myriad reasons that cause a network to say sayonara to a TV program, which seems to have happened with ABC’s Castle. Although knowing why a particular show was cancelled doesn’t help with the sting of the cancellation news all that much, it does at least help our fangirl and fanboy brains comprehend why the decision had to be made. So, without further ado, here are the real reasons Castle was cancelled.

sad Nathan fillion
Poor Ratings
Season 8 was not the best year for Castle. The drama continually hit new series lows throughout the season, and while the numbers weren’t as dismal as they probably could have been, no one would call Castle’s ratings this TV season great. Things turned around for the show a little bit toward the end of the season as the Loksat plot heated up and the two leads worked toward reconciliation. It wasn't enough to majorly move the needle, and ABC likely looked at all those worse weeks in the ratings before deciding to say no to Season 9.

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