Paula Deen Has A New Show, Get The Details

Paula Deen

It's been about three years since Paula Deen had her show on the air. The Food Network star, who was let go by the network after admitting to making racial comments, is trying to stage a comeback that culminates in her new show, Positively Paula. Her new show will air on select networks and you can check out the announcement and trailer below.

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Paula Deen made the announcement herself and unveiled the trailer for her new cooking show. Positively Paula is a mix of a cooking show, a lifestyle show, and a talk show in which Paula cooks with family, friends, and at least two celebrities; sometimes these guest will even cook for her. The show will feature segments in and out of Deen's Savannah home as she visits all kinds of places and tries their food. Positively Paula will not air on any single network, but is instead only available in select markets. You can see if it's available for you at the link here. The show will air its first episode on October 15.

This is just the latest stage of Paula Deen's comeback tour. The cooking celebrity came under fire in 2013 after she admitted during a lawsuit that she had used the N-word. After this came out, the Food Network opted not to renew her contract, and Deen was let go after 11 years on the network. Deen later posted an apology video for her actions to mixed results. Several other outlets followed, though her cookbooks didn't really dip in sales. This all came a few weeks after she confirmed that she had been diagnosed with diabetes, so it wasn't a very good year for Deen. She's also suffered criticism from her unhealthy recipes.

After leaving the Food Network, Deen made numerous appearances in order to bolster a comeback. Her most notable attempt was when she became a contestant on the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars, where she was partnered with professional dancer Louis van Amstel. The two were eliminated in the sixth week of competition, earning them ninth place. Deen went on to purchase the rights to all of her shows from Food Network, start her own clothing line, and create her website,

Positively Paula has 26 episodes lined up and only time will tell if this helps to put Deen back in good graces. The show isn't exactly easily available to everyone, so she might still have ways to go.

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