Paula Deen Now Has A Terrible Video Game

Paula Deen has decided to make a foray into the lucrative mobile gaming market. Paula Deen's Recipe Quest is now available for free through the App Store.

The game ticks pretty much every box on the bad mobile game checklist. The first item: a bizarre commercial to get the kids talkin' and hashtaggin':

Like Candy Crush Saga and countless other mobile games, Recipe Quest is a match-three puzzle game. The objects being matched in this case are ingredients like flour, butter and eggs. You have to get enough matches with certain ingredients to fill the recipe for that level. You only have a limited amount of moves to complete the level.

If you run out of moves before you finish the recipe, you can get more moves by paying coins. This is where the developers make their money. It costs $0.99 for 50 coins and $4.99 for 260 Coins. You'll also need these coins to progress past the 14th level.

Each of the 40 levels has a leaderboard so you can track your performance. However, I get the feeling that some of these scores aren't honest:

Recipe Quest cheaters

So yeah, it's a giant ball of mobile gaming cliches. If you're looking for a game that allows your toddler to accidentally charge you $50, here you go. If you'd rather play something good on your mobile device, I'd recommend Hearthstone, FTL or XCOM Enemy Unknown.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.