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A Very Murray Christmas Trailer: Bill Murray's Netflix Special Looks Hilarious

Yeah, your Christmas this year might be cool, but it won’t be “Bill Murray hanging out with Chris Rock, George Clooney and Amy Poehler with wine flowing like waterfalls” cool. This is a depressing fact that we all must live with. Luckily, we get to watch all that happen from a distance thanks to Netflix’s upcoming special A Very Murray Christmas. Check out the latest trailer below.

What’s not to like about this? Beyond the celebrities previously named, we’ve also got appearances from Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman, Rashida Jones, Maya Rudolph and more. If only my Christmas parties looked like this. I mean, I guess I’d have to actually throw a Christmas party in the first place, but I’m pretty sure it would look nothing like this. I’d give anything to have Poehler and Julie White as my sidekicks.

And it’s not like this is exactly a proper holiday get-together in the first place. There’s actually a plot to this star-studded special that centers on Murray hosting a holiday special – whoa, meta – inside the Carlyle Hotel in New York City. The problem here is that there’s a major blizzard that shuts the production down, so Murray improvises a good time by having an untelevised celebration with everyone who shows up. As seen in the trailer, that includes the hotel workers, but only if they aren’t terrible at singing.

It’s great to see Paul Shaffer again now that he’s no longer a Late Show staple, and I’m hoping David Letterman has a super-secret cameo somewhere in this. The best way to make that happen is to have Miley Cyrus pull a Mission: Impossible-like mask off to reveal that she’s actually the iconic late night host in disguise. Just picture it.


All I want for Christmas is to have karaoke machines feature Bill Murray versions of Christmas songs that just play in their original entirety and totally drown out whoever is trying to sing it. And if it came with a hologram machine that put Murray’s image on stage, that would be great, too. This special is going to be awesome.

Thankfully, we don’t have too much longer to wait to warble along with Murray as he rubs elbows with some of Hollywood’s elite. A Very Murray Christmas (opens in new tab) will hit Netflix on Friday, December 4. Be sure to have some more-spiked-than-usual eggnog ready to go in the fridge.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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