John Cleese Summarizes The Walking Dead's First Six Seasons In This Hilarious Video

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, and has been for the past six years. John Cleese is one of the funniest men on the planet, and he has been for his entire professional life. The two don't share much in common besides a use of superlatives, but their powers inexplicably combine in the video below for a laugh-filled trek through the first six seasons of AMC's zombie drama.

Honest Trailers and Cinema Sins have delivered snark-filled commentary to all forms of visual pop culture for years now, but this video from NOW TV is predictably sillier than those, what with John Cleese doing the talking and all. (The Silly Walking Dead is a tattoo waiting to happen, is it not?) I doubt we're going to hear anyone refer to Negan as a "nutter" in Season 7, though it's not out of the cards for Daryl to get called a violent little sweetheart by someone.

The Harry Potter and Shrek star does a pretty solid job of summing up all of the biggest moments in The Walking Dead up until this point, understandably giving the first few seasons more time than the past few, given how many big characters bit the dust during that point. It's probably fine that John Cleese didn't get to bring up Enid and Spencer, but I could have done with something bigger on Glenn's non-fatal fakeout. I imagine Cleese's nickname for Nicholas would have been a winner.

I hadn't realized hearing John Cleese deliver a "Coralll!" would be on my bucket list, but I found myself crossing it off of there anyway. And there have been a LOT of jokes about the "Look at the flowers" scene since its airing, but having it pop up as one of the Rules here was a great touch. The WTF-ness of that disturbing moment doesn't really get dulled by time, just as Cleese's skills haven't.

John Cleese has been building his online presence up recently, largely through the launch of his YouTube channel, on which he's shared a variety of clips, including some from the behind the scenes of Fawlty Towers Live. And based on this Walking Dead vid, I would absolutely be down with him taking on summations of all kinds of TV shows prior to their season premieres. His take on Game of Thrones would be pretty awesome, right? As well as Gotham and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and all the rest.

Sadly without the accompaniment of John Cleese or any of the other members of Monty Python - unless it turns out Negan's first victim is actually the Spanish Inquisition, which no one would expect - The Walking Dead will give us its Season 7 debut on Sunday, October 23, at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see what's coming to the small screen after that, check out our fall TV schedule.

Nick Venable
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