One Sex And The City Star Would Be Down For Another Season

Sex and the City was a groundbreaking show during its six-season run on HBO, thanks to the fact it explored female sexuality in a whole new way on television. There was humor and heartbreak and everything in between. The New York City exploits of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte won the hearts of many and even spawned two feature films after the series came to an end. Nothing has happened on the Sex and the City front since the second movie premiered in 2010, but it now looks like one of the original stars would be on board for a potential Season 7.

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Speaking with another Twitter users, Kristin Davis revealed she would be down to play perfectionist Charlotte York once more. The actress was on board for all six seasons and both films of the franchise to date. Charlotte was always the most conservative of the four leading ladies, and she often functioned as a foil to the less romantic Samantha. She pretty much had her happily-ever-after as of the end of Sex and the City 2, complete with a loving husband and adorable kids. There wasn't exactly a big cliffhanger for Charlotte that would need a Season 7 renewal by HBO to be answered, but it's hard to imagine another round of Sex and the City without her. Davis' tweet about her willingness to do a Season 7 proves that more Sex and the City may still be possible.

Of course, Kristin Davis is only one of the actresses who would absolutely need to come back for a Season 7. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Nixon would need to sign on as well. The show could work with Big and Harry off-screen somewhere, but the four ladies are what made Sex and the City work.

Rumors have abounded in the years since Sex and the City 2 that a third movie was a possibility. Sarah Jessica Parker didn't rule it out even after the first sequel was panned, and buzz started up again a couple of years ago when Jennifer Hudson mentioned there had been talks about another movie. So far, nothing has ever come of it. Kristin Davis did say then that she was game to return to the role of Charlotte, however, and it looks like she hasn't changed her mind.

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The two feature films weren't huge hits with critics, and even some of the most diehard Sex and the City fans were pretty okay with the franchise ending before a third movie could happen. It's possible that a seventh season could recreate some of the magic of the original series that was missing in the movies. Besides, TV is currently in an era filled with reboots and revivals of past series, and HBO is bringing Curb Your Enthusiasm back for a Season 9 in 2017 after six years off the air. If HBO can do it with Curb Your Enthusiasm, maybe a bonus season of Sex and the City isn't out of the question.

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