Because exactly none of us have ever gone through a post-apocalyptic scenario in which the world has been overrun by zombies, casting judgment on characters from The Walking Dead for the things they've done isn't exactly fair. But it's admittedly fun, and this show isn't exactly set up for everyone to have pitch perfect reactions to threats and plans for survival.

As we wait for Season 7 to arrive, here are the 7 worst decisions made by Walking Dead characters over the years. Readers will no doubt reach the end and tack on another 3-5 instances that could/should have made the list, and I've thought about almost all of them. In the end, these rose up to become the mentally stunted cream of the crop.

Lori Hooking Up With Shane

I am in no way trying to shame a grieving woman for seeking comfort in the arms of another survivor, because emotions be tricky. But I am disapprovingly shaking my head at Lori seeking comfort in the arms of the otherwise off-limits family friend who left her not-dead husband alone in a zombie-run hospital. Both that and Lori's decision to sleep with him are understandable in general, but the specific context combined with hindsight makes it very clear anyone else or no one at all would have been a better choice for a post-Rick relationship. And let's not forget that apparently no attempt was made to avoid conceiving a child together when they did the deed.

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