The First Full Gilmore Girls Trailer Is Quirky And Heartwarming

It's been almost a decade in the making, but Gilmore Girls has almost (finally) returned to us. The feel good comedy was abruptly cancelled by The CW in 2007 after seven seasons, which prevented both the show and its viewers from getting closure and a proper finale. But all of that is about to change, as Netflix's upcoming series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will premiere in one month's time. Anticipation has been steadily building for the four new 90 minute episodes, and now we finally have a bonafide trailer- featuring all of the original residents of Stars Hollow. Check it out!

There is a ton of exciting stuff happening. So let's break down some of the more noteworthy moments in the trailer.

Lorelai and Luke are totally still together (yay), but they aren't married (boo). Throughout all of the promotional images and this trailer, we see a ton of Luke and Lorelai. He's presumably living in the house with her, and still attempting to stop she and Rory from eating like pigs. However, it doesn't appear that the pair ever actually got married. Neither Luke nor Lorelai are wearing weddings rings in their scenes, so perhaps they are making their own rules and living a life together that is free of paperwork and ceremonies. Lorelai never had much luck in the marriage department, so this might be the best thing for both of them.

However, there is clearly trouble in paradise. Perhaps their lack of marriage is making Lorelai unhappy, and she's seen contemplating her life in some beautiful mountain shots. Additionally, she's apparently seeing a therapist (played by Broadway royalty Kerry Butler), with whom she is seen discussing their relationship and her "happiness".

Rory seems to be having the typical millennial experience. After working hard and getting her college education, she realizes that there is a lot of world out there, and she doesn't necessarily know where she fits in it. College degrees are no longer a guarantee for a future, and people from Rory's generation are having similar struggles finding their place in the world, and understanding just how little they know about it. This contemplation is shown to us with a delightful conversation between Rory and Jess(!!!!!), who seemed to understand how the world worked before she ever did.

Emily is also going through a transition period in her life. It seems that the loss of Richard is brand new in the series, and we are shown what looks like his funeral. For the first time in her life, Emily is without a partner, and we'll see how she attempts to find her identity outside of her marriage. This presumably starts at home, as she's shown making serious changes to the Gilmore house. Furniture and clothes are being thrown out, a giant painting of Richard is being hung up, and she's apparently allowing Kirk to come to Friday night dinner. And then there's the most mind blowing moment of all: Emily is shown wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

While Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will focus on the experience of three generations of Gilmore women, we are shown bits and pieces of the outstanding supporting cast. Melissa McCarthy's Sookie is still going nuts in the Dragonfly kitchen, Dean is presumably still living in the Hollow, it looks like Paris might be working at Chilton, and Lane is still rocking out on the drums. Seeing the full cast assembled feels amazing, and is sure to set the rabid fandom into a frenzy.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be released in its entirety November 25th on Netflix.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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