Life Sucks For The Saviors

While day-to-day living isn't ever exactly cotton candy and Ferris wheels for everyone who has called Rick Grimes a leader in The Walking Dead, there are lines he would never cross. Negan, meanwhile, jumps up and down on those lines while wearing cleats, and he doesn't give a flying fuck about manners and etiquette in his efforts to keep his league of subordinates in their place. We get a hint of those conditions on the show, and Daryl's situation is far less rosy than most, but the comics have many more instances where it's extremely obvious that anything or anyone Negan doesn't like will inspire a punishment.

When Negan is walking around in your eyesight, you had better drop down to your knees in reverence, or bad things are coming. Everyone in The Sanctuary is Negan, in a reverse-Spartacus kind of way. If he wants your shoes, you give him your shoes. If he wants your wife, you give him your wife. In fact, Negan's relationships with women are at the heart of several ugly situations within The Sanctuary's walls. (As well as others' relationships with women, as Negan is very strict about certain things.) Never forget that if it happens on Negan's property, he knows about it. And it's all his property.

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