6 Netflix Original Shows That Are Stuck In Limbo Right Now

arrested development season 5

Netflix is leading the charge in terms of originals available on streaming services. Because the concept is still relatively young and because Netflix is pumping so much money into its original programs, there aren't a lot of TV series that have been axed at this point. Of course, we've recently learned that Bloodline and Longmire will be ending after the next season hits the schedule, but for the most part Netflix shows have earned a lot of renewal support from the subscription streaming service, except when they haven't. There are actually quite a few shows in limbo right now between renewal and cancellation. If you'd like to know what shows we haven't heard from, you can check out this list, below.

season8 season 2

Sense 8

Sense8 was a pretty high-profile series when it was first coming together at Netflix. The sci fi drama is produced by the Wachowski siblings, and was filmed in several cities around the world. Reviews were moderately positive for the drama, and Netflix went ahead and renewed Sense8 for a second season, which is expected to premiere sometime over the next few months. So, why is Sense8 on this list? Rumors from the set have stated that Sense8 will be ending after Season 2, thanks to cast shakeups, behind-the-scenes changes and even an inflated budget. Of course, Netflix has the final say, but this one is certainly looking shaky.

between Netflix


Between is a co-production between Netflix and Canadian broadcaster City, and the show has enjoyed two seasons on the streaming service so far. However, the second season finished airing on July 1, and we haven't heard a peep from either Netflix or City regarding a potential for renewal. The show's Twitter is filled with people hoping for a renewal, but it's unlike Netflix to wait this long to decide what is moving forward and what is not.

arrested development season 5

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is a show that Netflix seems to love to have on its slate. The streaming service has even worked with some of the actors on the series outside of AD---especially Will Arnett. However, getting the entire cast together to film a fifth season of the comedy has been challenging. We've been hearing about the potential to start filming another set of episodes for a long time now, and from what we can tell, it hasn't happened yet. So, Arrested Development Season 5 is living in limbo for at least the immediate future.

the get down season 2 netflix

The Get Down

First of all, we know Baz Luhrmann's The Get Down was pretty expensive to shoot. We also know that Netflix signed on for two seasons of the drama in the initial contract and the second of those seasons won't air until at least this spring. So, it's not cancelled, at least not immediately. But that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from saying the show will be ending sooner rather than later. Producer Nelson George says no decisions will be made until after the next set of episodes airs, but there's still a lot of uncertainly around the series.

W/ Bob and David Season 2

W/Bob & David

Netflix wants a second season of W/Bob & David to happen, but unfortunately, Bob and David are both busy individuals. Bob Odenkirk currently has to film Better Call Saul, which makes it hard to find time for additional projects and David Cross always has a bunch of random stuff going on. Cross has stated they want to make more episodes, it's just a matter of "when," but that still means the sketch comedy series is in limbo, at least for now.

Is Chelsea Does Renewed Or Cancelled?

Chelsea Does

Not to be confused with Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk series Chelsea, Chelsea Does was a four-part documentary series that first hit the streaming service in January of 2016. Since then, Handler's duties on her talk show have taken a lot of her time, and it's unclear if Netflix really needs more episodes of Chelsea Does. Unlike Making a Murderer we may not need another season of the docuseries.

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