Netflix is leading the charge in terms of originals available on streaming services. Because the concept is still relatively young and because Netflix is pumping so much money into its original programs, there aren't a lot of TV series that have been axed at this point. Of course, we've recently learned that Bloodline and Longmire will be ending after the next season hits the schedule, but for the most part Netflix shows have earned a lot of renewal support from the subscription streaming service, except when they haven't. There are actually quite a few shows in limbo right now between renewal and cancellation. If you'd like to know what shows we haven't heard from, you can check out this list, below.

Sense 8

Sense8 was a pretty high-profile series when it was first coming together at Netflix. The sci fi drama is produced by the Wachowski siblings, and was filmed in several cities around the world. Reviews were moderately positive for the drama, and Netflix went ahead and renewed Sense8 for a second season, which is expected to premiere sometime over the next few months. So, why is Sense8 on this list? Rumors from the set have stated that Sense8 will be ending after Season 2, thanks to cast shakeups, behind-the-scenes changes and even an inflated budget. Of course, Netflix has the final say, but this one is certainly looking shaky.

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